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  1. I have the following.... TRMR with Multishot 2 x Dynatex Timed 1 x SWAT VTG Probably use the TRMR the most and it has only failed to go off twice in the 2 years I have owned it, mostly due to hitting something soft. The Dynatex have never failed to go off, but I have not had them long enough to really test them in different environments or climates. The VTG looks great but has let me down so many times that I rarely even pack it in my bag anymore. It runs fine on .209’s but only detonates 1 in every 4 12g blanks.
  2. Delivered about 15 minutes ago. Tested and working fine.
  3. Missed the Hermes truck today lol. Have already organised with them to deliver tomorrow morning.
  4. I got them to include (for free) some of the little brass valves so I can service it if required down the line.
  5. How strange..... I emailed SWAT a copy of the letter my bank sent me saying they have begun the process of claiming back my payment and as if by magic I had a phonecall less than 10 minutes later saying my VTG was ready for delivery. I got a tracking number and everything, with a projected delivery date of this coming Thursday. Still wont ever buy from them again.
  6. I have got my bank to stick a disputed transaction mark on the purchase. Just have to send them a letter now to make it official. I also let SWAT know as I managed to get one of their mobile numbers, so I expect I will be hearing from them soon (but probably not).
  7. So its been 31 days since I placed an order with SWAT for one of their VTG’s. I sent 10+ emails and never got a response. In that time I have managed to speak to one of the owners, Christine, 3 times on the phone and was promised each time that my order would be going out ‘after the weekend’. My most recent call to them was on Friday last week. Its now Thursday and still no grenade. I am probably going to ask for my money back as its gone past the point of being remotly funny anymore. Sadly I am guessing that this too will be a nightmare to organise. Never experienced a worse customer service experience in my entire life and would advise anyone thinking of purchasing from SWAT to stay WELL clear of them and get a Dynatex instead.
  8. Got my Dynatex first thing this morning. Works perfectly and did indeed come with the heads to take the .209’s and 9mm.
  9. The timed Dynatex does come with .209 and 9mm heads. I called Socom and asked before placing my order.
  10. The excuse they gave me was that they had a large ‘military’ order that wiped out their parts inventory. Not sure I believe that the MOD are purchasing training grenades from a house in Liverpool. Was told this during a phonecall yesterday (after I left a message saying I was contacting trading standards) and that new inventory was being collected today/tomorrow for manufacture at the weekend. Will believe it when its in my hand.
  11. If my SWAT VTG ever arrives then I plan to run it with mag flash, it comes (or should come) with all the adaptors required.
  12. Its a pretty daft law to be honest. The license is a one time thing, so every time you want to order more you have to fill out the paperwork again. You also have to be UKARA registered, have safe storage which the Police have to check (luckily my Father has a pre-approved gun safe at his house so I keep them there) and you need a risk assessment from the site you plan to use the blanks at - this is the odd bit as most people play at a number of sites, not just one. You then have to organise who the Police send the license to as they wont send it to you, it has to go to to the gun shop you plan to buy the blanks from. The one I picked is local to me and their smallest order amount is 1000 .209 primers at £46 and 50 mag flash (saluting blanks) at £40. I got the 1000 .209’s and then decided to order 3 boxes of the mag flash as they are the most fun. Expensive, but for all the hassle of getting the license it was better to buy lots to keep me going for a few years.
  13. Oh and before anyone says anything, 1000 .209 primers is the smallest amount you can buy over here.
  14. Have ordered from Socom. Just a quick point and that will be me finished on this. I am in Northern Ireland, to buy blanks of any kind you need to get an explosives license from the Police. I already have two TRMR grenades and just over 1100 .209 primers and 130 12g mag flash blanks, so I am sorted ammunition wise. I have checked with Socom and it comes with the .209 adaptor. I only plan to use these with the Dynatex as I use the mag flash with the TRMR’s. I am on day 24 of waiting for my SWAT VTG so I was extremly hesitant about ordering from another company I had never used before, hence my original question. Thanks for all the replies.
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