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  1. I think the most effective way would to be expressing you experience on their Google business page as this comes up on top of everything. Although I'm sure there will suddenly be a flurry of positive ones the moment there is anything negative on it. Here's the link to those of you interested in this approach. Https://g.co/kgs/FT7frk
  2. Update, he said he will reimburse me for the court fee, but waiting for the payment now. He also told me his ''offices'' have moved.
  3. Anyone who has still yet to be paid email [email protected] I will be intending to get my court fee back of course.
  4. PAID Zac has finally replied to my email. Said he was sending out a mass payment then seconds later I received payment for the amount I should have excluding the court fee. Opinions? I've told him he should reimburse me
  5. @proffrink DM me bro, I'm interested in what he's been known for.
  6. @PrinskipperSkipple Good to hear you are local to Zachary. I agree that the more of us there are the better, some people have chosen to make a small court claim (myself included). To my knowledge no one has recovered their loss since the 10th. (let me know if I am wrong). One day we will get our rightfully earned dosh.
  7. Oh well that's a bit more reassuring. Thanks for that.
  8. Interesting... Still no progress on getting my money, no response from the Facebook support. I'm curious how many people have outstanding transactions with them, I know there's one or two mentioned previously. I'm interested to know if you've been paid recently too. And thanks for the people who explained about how records have to he held for 6 years, I'm only 20 this year so not something I've come across yet. Funnily enough, the support on the Facebook page and Zac on email both seem to be the same person as both of their spelling and grammar is poor.
  9. I'd love to see what you have drafted, I will obviously amend it but good to have an idea what to put. Also omit any of your own personal details before uploading. I have been given Zacs email where I have sent an email of concern to.
  10. @L3wisD That Statement of the data being deleted worries me too, however feel its a bluff to get out of paying up. I have nagged the Facebook page as much as I can but I believe to be being ignored, that or he has a day job. Unsure what else to do but make a small claims court claim. Interestingly I have discovered two addresses: 150 Clements Road, CT12 6UG which I found under whois information on the .co.uk domain and the 96 Norfolk Road, CT9 2HZ previously mentioned. Thankfully I believe the person who purchased the goods from me seems to be a good person and may be critical to providing information.
  11. Created an account just to post this. I sold some gear on Weaponcrates end of last month and still have not got my money. Thankfully I have contact details of the person who I sold the gear to. Anyone who has had success getting their money, could you share some insight?
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