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  1. the rings look Ok. Nothing wrong with them. Is this the right order when re inserting?
  2. Yes it's escaping from the outlet. I've cleaned it out but still no result
  3. I've encountered a problem with my CO2 magazine for my 1911. As soon as I insert my CO2 cartridge and the top is pierced, all the gas escapes from the top. I've opened the valves and they move freely but it is my very first time opening a magazine. I've put everything back in the way it came out still no fix.
  4. I've received a new C02 GBB pistol having just moved on from electric guns. It is normal for a 12g C02 capsule to run out after 50 shots?!!! I use pellgunoil to lube the seal and add a drop on the capsule before inserting it. Can anyone help me? Pistol is a well g194 1911 variant
  5. Very professional and helpful. Thanks a tonne.
  6. Thank you. Much appreciated. Should I get spray or solid lube
  7. Can I spray every component? Where do you recommend I can get a quality spray for a good price What's that?
  8. I have ordered a Well g194 GBB pistol from gunfire.pl and was wondering how to properly lubricate and maintain it. I have only ever used electric guns so it's a new topic for me. I know not to use the blue can WD40 but what about the silicone special can (yellow). I have seen some silicone spray in Halfords. Is that sufficient?
  9. Just for back garden target practice. It looks cool as well😉
  10. I'm not looking to skirmish. I just needed an all metal blowback pistol for novelty😊
  11. Yeah that price was of yesterday. That Easter sale has finished. I'm buying a Well G194. £75 and bbguns4less but only£43 on gunfire. Including shipping and a few extras I'm paying £60!
  12. Thank you DO the guns get through customs without problems? i dont have ukara so im buying two tone
  13. These sites are basically identical and is based in Poland. Has any one had any experience purchasing from this site. I am about to buy something but I want to hear what you guys think
  14. Will customs say anything in terms of it being an intimation firearm (coloured) and me not having a defence apart from casual Airsoft
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