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  1. Certified by GBLS KR After spending a week there extensively working on the DAS in the production line, troubleshooting and repairing them. You can verify by contacting GBLS UK or GBLS KR and no I do not have a framed certificate and have very little interest in having one. Thanks for the positive feedback Sawyer, Glad you are happy with the work!
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    Brand: E&L. Model: AKM Full Steel & Wood Gen 2. Condition: Use once, a couple of bumps on the wood. Fps: 348.3 on an average of 10 shots. Swaps/part ex/splits: 3xNo. Photos: yes. Price: £330 Plus Postage. Selling my E&L AKM, it has 4 mid cap mags (one of which is missing the front clip so does not work) with it, the instruction manual and tools as well as the original parts that have been removed Boxed. Internal wise it has a Gate Titan Ver.3 installed along with an SHS full steel rack piston and SHS 12:1 gear set giving it a great ROF and a very snappy trigger response, The other internals are stock E&L Gen.2 which are very good in general I have used this from new a total of one time and since have just not had the time to play so it seems a shame to just gather dust, I am open to offers but will just ignore anything stupid and any messages asking for trades as I have clearly stated I'm not interested. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to PM me.


    Belvedere, Kent - GB

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