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  1. Hi I got it from Pro airsoft supplies Hear is a link if your interested they have about 20%off their Tokyo marui range so have a look if your after anything Tokyo marui https://proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/en/weapons/sniper-rifles/bolt-action/tm-vsr-10-g-spec?search_query=Vsr+10&results=13
  2. Hi everyone a big thanks to you all I've placed my order now the hard bit waiting for it to come lol I went for the p226 Abbey 144 G&g 0.25 bbs Imi rotating holster Knock down resetting targets and other target's And I even picked a little summit else up it was on a good price and a was going to get one later on in the the year the so couldn't resist tm vsr 10 g spec with a scope Me and the boys are going to have a good Easter holidays
  3. I've already got a couple of hundred in the checkout basket It won't be long before I'm their lol
  4. Glad to hear you got the normal one both are really nice but I don't do silencer on pistols
  5. Just checked them out theirs a nice imi rotating holster What hk45 do you run normal or tactical
  6. Thanks alot I've been looking at holsters I seen one on Amazon for £20 do you know anywhere else were they do a good holster
  7. I just checked it out I think it will be a little big looks cool tho reminds me of judge dredd lol
  8. How Is your pistol holding up with nuprol 2.0
  9. I got my heart on a Tokyo marui Thanks for the info
  10. Thanks alot everyone you been a big help I think I'm going with the p226 e2 mainly I think it will fit my son's hands a bit better What would be the best gas to get out of these three Abbey 144 Nuprol 2.0 green gas Nuprol 1.0
  11. I think I'm steering to the p226 e2 think that would be best but they have it in these colours What do all you think
  12. Another question were I'm going to get the gun they out of g&g bbs they only have these in which shall I go for Blaster 0.25g BBs Blaster Devil 0.25g BBs RZR 0.25g Precision BBs NUPROL
  13. I would love to go down and have a feel of them but I'm a good couple of hours from a airsoft store that would stock all of them and I thought I could ask a few people on hear You said you have the hk45 What do you make of the usp full size because I was dead sett on the 45 but came across the usp they are more or less the same gun but personally I like the look of the usp a little bet better what do you make of the usp full size
  14. Myself personally I would be happy with any I'm just trying to think about my son I would be gutted if I get one and he can't shoot it Does the p226 have a smaller profile (handle) then the usp compact I thought the usp was the smallest with been compact
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