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  1. So, G&G support replied and are saying there is only one velocity at this moment in time, which means the fps should be the same as in that video.
  2. I ordered it on a Spanish website called tactical center due to it being out of stock everywhere in the uk. I have no intention of using it like that and have contacted g&g to see if I can get a UK spec nozzle but I'm hoping there is some other way I can get it to drop substantially. The fps in the video is what I want to achieve. It does say on the g&g website the fps is set to regional regulations and gives examples.
  3. So I've just ordered a G&G smc9 and noticed the website is claiming on nuprol 2.0 it shoots at 130m/s or 428fps! This is way too hot for the sites I play at. It's my first gbbr so I'm not too clued up on them. What can I do to lower the fps? I'd prefer it to be 330fps or less.
  4. davidverrall

    G&G SMC9

    Looks like a modern version of smokes smg on rainbow 6
  5. I have a PJ sr25 and I'm looking to upgrade the barrel and hop up. Can anyone suggest some good ones to look at? I believe m4 hop ups are compatible.
  6. I was going to replace the main piston seal to start, I'll see what happens when I do that. Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated
  7. It has two which both look perfectly fine and if I pull it by hand it snaps back quickly
  8. I have stripped it, cleaned it and applied a small amount of silicone lube. This made no difference. It's designed to use green gas so I have no idea why it won't work😣
  9. So, I have a kwa kz75. If I use ultra gas I get half a mag and the gas is done. If I use green gas I could get about 2 mags worth but it doesn't load the BBs correctly so I get about 2 then it stops working and I end up with a load of BBs jamming in the barrel. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this?
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I've bought a lower rates spring as the local sites limit for DMRs is 425fps. It's also not locked to semi/safe there is a check cut out of the selector switch which allows it to be put in auto but I will be getting a new selector so that it is locked to semi. Anyway it arrived today and I'm very happy with it. Very solid construction, the only thing that could do with improvement is the stock which is a bit cheap feeling but for the price I can't complain!
  11. Thanks guys, think I'll order it. For under 150 it's a bargain
  12. Hi guys, Considering buying an a&k pj25, does anyone have one? Are they a decent budget dmr? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/pj25-carbine-a-k Any input is greatly appreciated Cheers
  13. It's good but I'm just getting back into airsoft after a few years off so it sat for a while untouched which has caused the mag to play up a bit I think once I run a few mags worth of gas through it it will be ok again. It hits hard though and shoots fast.
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