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  1. Wow, that looks good. Thanks for taking the time uploading the images.
  2. Oh okay. Makes much more sense now. Thanks
  3. I guess by using third party components instead of making their own crap. They use SHS gears inside which is higher quality than the default factory version.
  4. In every review people seem to mention their previous items that were cheap knockoffs but this rifle is their step up into the higher tier guns with high quality components. I don't know why it's not a very popular brand in the UK as it seems to be pretty good.
  5. From the very few review that I saw online, they do seem to be very reliable but the Valken that I've mentioned seem to come with pre-modded parts from the factory where all the neccessary parts are upgraded. Not sure of the interior brand but it seem to be the best choice.
  6. Sure, that would be greate. Not many review on youtube so it would be useful.
  7. Thanks for the information and suggestion. G&G rifles have the best design in my opinion but not sure about the polymer body. I prefer full metal and don't mind the extra weight.
  8. I will mostly play outside and get a different rifle for CQB. I might upgrade it with a more durable gearbox and a better motor to shoot faster.
  9. Which gun would be better for inside modding?
  10. I've heard that Valken often copy other items and sell it cheaper with decreased quality but the above rifle is known as their own new generation design with mid range components.
  11. Hi guys, I'm about to buy my first airsoft AEG rifle and been doing research for a while now. I have some options to choose from and my budget is £200-£300 Please tell me your opinions about the following rifles as they seem to be the same quality. 1. VALKEN Alloy Series MK III Full Metal 15" Keymod M4 Airsoft AEG 2. SPECNA ARMS SA V23 AEG 3. GC16 Warthog 12” Assault Rifle 4. CM16 SRXL Assault Rifle I'm looking for something with high quality gearbox, quality materials that provides premium feel and similar M4 style like the above ones. If you have a better suggestion in this budget, I'm happy to consider it.
  12. This is the best definition I have read so far and thanks for the fast response. I hope this will help someone else later as I was unable to find a good explanation in the Popular UKARA Questions section.
  13. Hi, I know my question will sound dumb but I don't get the required game periods as English is my second language and I translate differently. Here are some quotes I don't fully understand: Q1: "To obtain a UKARA registration an individual must visit an Airsoft Skirmish Site 3 times or more outside of 56 Days or 8 Weeks" Q2: "have played 3 games over a period of time of more than 56 days (2 months)" Q3: "3 games in no less than 60 days (game 1 day on 1, and game 3 no sooner than day 60)" All three definition is for the same thing and the only fact I can get out of it is that I need to have my 3rd game after 56 days or 2 months but I don't know if my 2nd game have to be 2 months after the first. It's not 100% clear for me. Can someone roughly explain with the use of dates like if my first game is on the 19th of March 2018 then according to this, when will the second and third game has to be in order to qualify for the membership. Thanks
  14. So if I buy a RIF in Romani that can also be purchased in the UK, I don't have to worry about the import?
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