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  1. rocky

    Tm hi capa and maple leaf bucking - Help

    UPDATE - Well brought myself a 60 deg autobot rubber and a maple leaf I key and what a difference, Have the hop up barly turned on and hops. 28g easy mega consistent Trimmed the location tab on the rubber just a bit so it was a nice fit,
  2. rocky

    Tm hi capa and maple leaf bucking - Help

    Cheers it does sound like the way to go, I was advised for that hop up rubber by elite shooting, after I said I was after accuracy over range, just seems a little ott now, they seem to have a really good reputation so didn't question what I got more of how it's fitting Cheers for the help
  3. rocky

    Tm hi capa and maple leaf bucking - Help

    Wo1f - cheers, my next thought was to take some off the locating tab just so it sits "nice" Stick with maple leaf but go softer 50-60 ? Not using an I key also i think that is next on the list Adolf hamster - will give twisting the barrel slightly a go hop arm looks ok just seems as tho is has todo so much to apply pressure to the rubber as its hard cheers guys
  4. Hello all, have a Tm hi capa 5.1 here and due to age wanted to renew some parts. I have got myself a Maple leaf deception 75 deg hop rubber as was told would give me better accuracy and am getting a problem shooting. Using .28g it is curving off to the left increasing the hop a lot it still curves off to the left and reducing does the same, it is not a massive about 1 meter off over 15 meters. it is curving off and its not sights not set correctly I have uploaded a photo of the maple leaf and stock Tm rubber, one of my concerns is the location nub on the side isn't the same distance from where it locates on the barrel, you can see in the photo they are different. the Tm one will drop into the hop up base on barrel and locate on barrel and hop up rubber with no pressure, the maple leaf one needs me to pull the barrel a touch to get it to side in the groove on the barrel to hopup base. having to put pressure one the maple leaf to get it to fit will this not distort it ? or am i being too picky ? I have a gunsmith bros hop up arm to eliminate (try to) any uneven pressure, the maple leaf rubber being a lot harder rubber more pressure needed ? Question - Anyone else using the same maple leaf rubber with good results ? or recommend a hop up rubber they use for .28g + bbs ? At the moment this old stock Tm hop up rubber is a lot more accurate that the maple leaf for me Thanks

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    Looking for some more 5.1 tm hi capa mags the 31rnd or bigger mags Also anyone got some shiny bits ? Magwell... metal slide ? Thanks


  6. rocky

    Airsoft chrono wanted

    Time Left: 4 days and 3 hours

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    Looking to see if anyone had a cheap chrono they would like to sell, Cheers


  7. rocky

    Wanted tm 5.1 hi capa


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    Hello all looking for a cheapish gbb pistol A tm 5.1 hi capa


  8. rocky

    Using brother rif for first game

    Thanks for the input, It has the magazines where you wind like a cog at the bottom holds a lot of bbs I guess, I have a set of wileyx goggles I use sometimes with my pistols that should be ideal, I intrend to go to a day when they have a skirmish on just to see what everyone's wearing etc it's not far at all so worth a look before hand. It is a long gun the G3 but it's free . Don't want to rush into buying my own aeg before I know I enjoy it as much as I think I will, Battery wise the 8.4v nicad battery in the box I doubt will hold a nice charge, what I will be asking in another section will be about lipo battery's, been around them for a long time when racing rc cars, I have a couple of 2 cell (7.4v) battery's which would be ideal along with a voltage cutout I can use, Thanks guys really helpful
  9. rocky

    Using brother rif for first game

    Brilliant thanks for the reply It has original box so can be transported in the boot of the car with that ? Covered up Thanks again
  10. rocky

    Using brother rif for first game

    Well I've had airsoft pistols for years now all different sorts, and now looking to attend some local skirmish sites. My brother has a tm G3 aeg it is a rif and has said in free to use/have it he lives away from home so doesn't use it even tho talk of me going to a skirmish is giving him the urge to get back into it, My question is am I ok to have/use this rif ? I think it was brought before this two tone thing came in, so will need a going through Any input would be great Cheers