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  1. Hey everyone thanks for the advice, once I've bought the stuff i need to test they work(they've been in the cupboards for a few years) ill post up what I've got.
  2. @Tackle and @EDcase Thanks for the information that clears up how I need to approach this thank you. When it comes to selling are there any places or websites you can recommend have a good reputation or any that I should avoid like the plague?
  3. Afternoon all, I haven't attended an airsoft event for some years and now I've reached the point were i cant keep my kit any longer. I have checked on how the laws have changed and I have read some of the other posts that were similar to mine however I hope you'll bare with me as giving to the potential serious of mis-selling my gear id like to get some feedback. I have a mixture of weapons some would be classified as RIFS and some are Two-Toned. I'm not registered as a UKARA member and as stated above haven't attended a site in some years. The way I interpreted it was that if I wanted to sell my RIFS than I would be responsible for checking that the person i'm selling too is 18+ and has a 'defence'(Usually the best way to do this is to check if they are Ukara or a site member). Some of the parts i wasn't sure about where: -Do I need to be a Ukara member in order to be able to sell my RIFS. -Do the above rules apply to two tone weapons as well as RIFS. -Does the rules on RIFs extend to other parts of the weapons such as Magazines or spare batteries. Sorry for the long winded post about what i'm sure has been asked before but I hope i can clarify my position. Thanks Tom