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  1. Oioiairsoft

    [ARMY] R28 Kimber Gen2

    Yes, the threaded muzzle can be a little hard to remove, I just used strength resulting in hand pain but I succeeded. You can drill a hole in each part so you can put a lever to help yourself ;)
  2. Oioiairsoft

    [ARMY] R28 Kimber Gen2

    Thank you man
  3. Oioiairsoft

    [ARMY] R28 Kimber Gen2

    Review of the new version of the R28 GBB, manufactured by ARMY ARMAMENT. You can find the 1st generation review HERE. FULL REVIEW WITH 68 PHOTOS HERE. R28 GEN2 - ARMY ARMAMENT FPS: 285 fps with 0.20 g bb's and 268 fps with 0.25 g bb's. Hop up: standard & adjustable. Mag Capacity: 26 bb's. Aluminium slide, Zamak frame and little parts, ABS grips. My opinion and overall comments: A new and unexpected version of the R28 you will love. On the aesthetic side, the subtle two-tone paint is of the best effect and the casts rather well made; this is a version without markings, the one with markings isn’t yet on sale. Operation : MARUI type mechanic, so you can upgrade or modify it very simply. Small pleasant details: ambidextrous safety, phosphorescent sights, rail. And a very pleasant detail: the outer barrel is threaded in 12 mm CCW (anti-clockwise) and sold with a 14 mm CCW silencer adapter. An interesting piece since it doesn’t exist on the market except to spend a lot of money. Army Armament should have given a cleaning rod and a manual with a blueprint of the replica. On the performance side, I’m quite impressed, the use of gas is particularly well optimized: a kick rather strong and the ability to shoot up to 35 times with a single charge of gas. The power with green gas is 285 fps with 0.20 g bb’s and 268 fps with 0.25 g, which is perfect for a back-up. This replica is an excellent choice of modern 1911 which will suit to airsoft beginners or experienced. FULL REVIEW WITH 68 PHOTOS HERE.