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  1. Out of interest, when I played it was semi-auto only, is this common place for The Mall? I think I would prefer it that way rather than full auto.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I had a blast, had to leave before the last game because I had work early the next day. Learnt a few lessons, fogging was an issue I'm going to have to start trying to overcome, looking at trying anti-fog wipes to see if that helps. The rental AEG wasn't actually too bad, had a minor issue with the safety not having a positive click on semi so it caught me out at the start of a couple of games when I thought it was on semi but wasn't quite right. I did have plans to play the mall again with a group of friends this past Sunday but the snow had other ideas for me Thankfully the guys at Zed let me move my booking to April 1st so that'll be my next game.
  3. First game will be this Thursday night. Didn't plan on booking two games so close but found out earlier this week that an old friend is actually playing there on Sunday.
  4. Got a second game booked at the mall for this Sunday too now thanks to a cancellation
  5. That's the plan at the moment unfortunetly
  6. I have all my own camo and gear through my work already, it's just the AEG that is the main barrier at the moment. I only personally know one other person who plays and he is up in Lincolnshire so the chance we will have to play together will be extremely limited.
  7. Yeah I'm gonna be playing their routinely. I understand and support the reasoning behind it fully, but it sucks that you have to play at a site for over 2 months before you can get the UKARA. That is a lot of money in rental gear that could be going to something more permanent.
  8. Reading. I don't mind travelling for a few hours to big events since I'll probably keep those down to probably 1 every other month and keep the mall as my regular place to just skirmish.
  9. Eventually but I need to get UKARA stuff out of the way first. MilSim is my main attraction to the sport but can't find anywhere local that holds regular games to get the UKARA that way.
  10. Ahh okay, was hoping you'd have had experience with Stirling airsoft, they seem to be one of the biggest UK event holder's from what I can see online.
  11. @steakandpotato Where do you play your milsim games?
  12. I'll be happy walking away having experienced neither on Thursday night.... hopefully
  13. All booked up and paid for. Got together a half decent set of eye and face protection
  14. From what I've read on the site I have to pay at least 4 days before because I'm renting. Will do, thanks
  15. Yeah it's the 15th, need to get the payment information from Zed first but it say's there is spaces so it should be fine hopefully. Haha I'll be in a black polo with either olive or MTP trousers and brown boots, and a rental gun of course.