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  1. Hi guys I’m looking for a shell ejecting m1014 but am struggling to find it.. will I have to build it or can I get it straight out the box?
  2. Ok thanks for the help man!
  3. @rocketdogbert where did you get your slide and frame mate? Will they work with my WE? Looks cool! Cheers for the help!
  4. Like I said I’m new to this.. so don’t know what half the parts are called.. thought forums where for people to ask for help and ask questions?
  5. Already had the info from another guy mate..
  6. Hi I’m looking for a nice looking cool slide and frame for my g17 can’t find anything! Any good websites?
  7. Re the Tm’s metal or plastic?
  8. Nice way to welcome somebody new
  9. Hi I’m looking for an upgrade for my WE g17 blowback housing.. any suggestions?
  10. I’m having trouble finding the hop up stuff.. not sure exactly what to buy, can you send a link?
  11. Thanks rocket! Any chance of links? Would be a great help!
  12. Hi guys, I’ve got a WE G 17 gen 4 and I want to upgrade it internally... I’m new to airsoft and want to know more about how the guns functions, how to upgrade it and what parts to put in.. cheers! Links would be good also.
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