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  1. ParagonJenko

    Broken/Boneyard Rifles

    Broken/Boneyard Rifles View Advert In any condition as long as decent externals will be considered Advertiser ParagonJenko Date 04/09/2018 Price Category Guns Wanted Make Make: Any Model Model: Any  
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    Broken/Boneyard Rifles


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    In any condition as long as decent externals will be considered


  3. So I've come across my first cylinder and the cylinder head coming apart. It wasn't too much of an issue apart from a nightmare to get it onto the air nozzle. Any way to get it to stick easily?
  4. ParagonJenko


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yesAny other comments: Great seller, helpful throughout and item arrived as described.
  5. ParagonJenko

    Noob with a G&G TR16 Top Tech should I upgrade??

    To start with, as Davegolf and myself mentioned, focus on the durability tasks I mentioned and from there you can diagnose what may be wrong with it. If it fires consistent FPS and with a good range then you can see where you would like to go from there. At least then you will have a stable platform to be able to build up from.
  6. ParagonJenko

    Noob with a G&G TR16 Top Tech should I upgrade??

    I've already heard the original barrels on G&G's were not bad but not excellent! I could be wrong as I know little about the TR16 Top Tech just a general consensus from the community and research. Edit: I also believe its a 6.08mm G&G does as its stock unless otherwise stated? And running a 6.03mm tightbore barrel can help give him a little more accuracy.
  7. ParagonJenko

    Noob with a G&G TR16 Top Tech should I upgrade??

    I'm familiar with that gun itself but I own a G&G Raider. Honestly, upgrading all depends on if you want to stick with that platform for a specific period of time and how much money you're willing to sink into it. Most guns need after market parts after a certain period of time of use. For durability, you will want to shim the gearbox, correct the AoE, get some reliable bushings (G&G are known for bad "bronze" bushings) and improve the airseal. Improving the airseal is either replacing or fixing the air nozzle, piston head and cylinder head. These do not need to be replaced if the gun is firing consistent FPS! This will only ensure that all the air is being used to propel the projectile out of the chamber and not wasted. For accuracy, you can upgrade the hopup, barrel and bucking. G&G are known for having decent hopups and buckings so just upgrading the barrel to a 6.03 Prometheus would be a good upgrade in keeping it accurate. Now to improve FPS there are a few ways to do that. You can upgrade the springs, gears, motors and spring guides. It all depends on whether you just want FPS, range, trigger response, rate of fire! I will say that if its the model I believe that comes with a Mosfet that G&G Mosfets are notorious for being unsatisfactory so if you get into teching your rifle enough and brave enough to solder then this is something that you should upgrade. Including converting to Deans connectors as their more durable than Tamiya.
  8. ParagonJenko

    Looking for a technician on the IOW

    Accuracy will be to do with the Hop Up and Barrel. So the best thing to do is get a new HopUp, Bucking, Flat Hop (R-Hop if you can) and a quality tightbore barrel. The FPS issue may be to do with an airseal issue as its quoted at 340 FPS on Airsoft World website. Maybe try a new air nozzle. Overall durability of the gun should be to shim and correct the AoE so it keeps going for the future!
  9. Hey guys! I've been playing very rarely over the past few years whenever I've been able to get a ride to places as there is very few people who I know that are interested. Anyone recommend any sites within an hours travel from this area?
  10. ParagonJenko


    Searched all over for a G&G CM16 Raider and everywhere was out of stuck that was 'reputable' to me. So I took a chance and ordered from them, arrived within a few days with everything in there. The gun itself ran perfectly fine, just a little airseal issue that dropped the FPS to 270 which is understandable after being held in a store/warehouse for time. Would recommend to air on the side of caution though!
  11. ParagonJenko

    Comms Advice

    Baofengs are quite common to be used but are "illegal". Around £10 for their basic handsets and ranging in price for more features.