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  1. Hi thanks to every one for there help after looking againinside the gear box I found that the delay clip on the gear had broken and come off .. purchased a new one on Sunday all is working fine know Many thanks Matt
  2. Ok nice one will give that a go ... may be the mags are getting worn now as they came with the gun
  3. Yes it seems to cycle fine when upside down .. thank you all for your ideas Am going to try opening it up over the weekend and check the gears and bits to see if anything broken or worn.. Will let you know what I find or post some pics Matt
  4. No was not set up as one it has worked fine right up and till last time we were out worked great in game we went back and cleaned every thing the next day and did a quick check and it just started missing ever other shot it's been a a great gun up till know
  5. It's got a m100 spring it's not chopped down as I put a new one in 6 months ago when I got it for him .. has a basic titan gate mosfet fitted I don't have controller to see if anything has been changed on settings it was already fitted when I got it from some one giving up at the place we play Matt
  6. They are all metal hi caps that came with the guns ..with the wheel on the bottom Matt
  7. I took the barrel and hop up out of my gun and put it in his and still doing the same thing ... is Bloody strange I have cleaned out the barrel and hop up unit in case of dirt and also tried different mags in case that was a problem but it will still only fire every other shot .
  8. Hi .. thanks Running 11.1 Lipo and running .25 RZR BBs I have tried using my 7.4 Lipo and still dose the same
  9. Hi new to the forum and looking for advice My son's specna arms has just started only shooting BBs every other shot .. It will shoot one and the next shot not fire a BB then shot one dose the same in auto .. it seems to cycle ok I opened gear box but every thing seems fine Any help would be great.. I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere I did look but Mau have missed it Matt
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