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  1. Hey so i want to build my first HPA system and i'm not sure if i can fit fusion engine into this gun. as far as i know arcturus has a modified gearbox and it is a bit different so the question is would there be any problems fitting fusion engine gearbox inside?
  2. ok thanks man did you do any mods to it like pre-cock mod or dsg or you run it stock?
  3. anyone know how does two compare? i was thinking about g&g wild hog or amoeba am-013. big difference in price and a lot of people say they similar.
  4. its a cyma 515 but i turned it all metal and upgraded everything in gearbox, new hopup and barrel too so its not bad i like cheap guns
  5. Soooo i want to get myself a backup gun but i have mixed feelings about JG. i find people saying stuff like plastic bushings and cheap feel of the externals, cracking gearbox shell and stuff like that but some people say they are ok. what you think abou this mp5 from JG because thats what i want to get now? https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152217117-JG806-Submachine-Gun-Replica.html
  6. ok thanks for all the response from you i managed to fix it somehow i just put it back together again for the 101st time and it worked perfect. don't know the power because i don't own chrono but its going through cans thats good enough for me. other problem i have is when i drop in 13:1 gears it all locks up
  7. ok so now im putting in everything i have which is: shs bushings, m120 spring shs black, shs purple piston i think its 15 teeth not sure rn, flat piston head 6 holes with ball bearing shs red, stock cylinder, shs cylinder head with 2 orings shs red, nozzle with oring shs red, stock gears but i have 13;1 gears i have done the mod to the gearbox and they spin freely when gearbox is together but when i put in motor it just locksup the whole gearbox and i have to open it again so i put old 18;1 gears, spring guide with ball bearing and yeah i think thats it im putting it together right now and i try it out actually f*ck it i'm gonna do it tomorrow just checked the time and its waaaay too late for this stuff so will update you as soon as i do it tomorrow
  8. nice one thanks and yeah i never fitted that shs plate because it wouldn't close but now i know why. i was using my old plate all the time
  9. yeah im sure its not hop because i have two barrels and two hops one stock and the other one is shs prowin style hop on a zci 6.02 barrel. both have no power and miss feed/don't feed at all and jam. and the power dropped today when i fitted everything together and now i replaced it back with old stuff and see no change i'm troubleshooting everything now so its gonna take some time i didn't mod the tappet plate im not sure how to do it should the air nozzle be like straight with the rest of the gearbox? its a bit up now
  10. yeah mosfet and 11.1 was my next upgrade but i have to workout why it lost the power now
  11. yeah the new trigger assembly is not bridged on the back where it meets selector plate. you think thats the problem here? and when i put new piston head and cylinder head in together with air nozzle and new tappet plate all shs it has a perfect air seal but it's just weak AF. i also tried to put new spring in which is m120 that i cut down a bit but no better results. should i bridge it myself? the old contacts are f*cked but i still have those copper plates as i save everything i can from the old stuff.
  12. yeah might be the hop because when i put it all together and try to adjust hopup it wont shoot at all and the overspin might be caused because of the motor i put shs high torque in. also new trigger assembly and cables, and a new bearing on the piston head for more air seal. i have new piston, piston head, cylinder head and air nozzle but it just didn't shoot when i dropped it in. the piston was compressed all the way but it wouldn't go back at all so i just replaced it back with stock parts. but now it lost all power even with old hop unit and barrel so i guess it must be piston/piston head/cylinder/cylinderhead/air nozzle related. im just not sure where to start and how to troubleshoot it. when i saw the piston not going all the way back i thought about motor but im sure it used to be ok with the same motor before. im gonna swap motor for stock right now and check if it overspins. oh yeah and the battery is 9.6 1600mah still with old motor it wont go through cardboard and doesn't feed/jams all the time. any other idea?
  13. hi guys so i'm like half way through my build and the problem is i lost a lot of power and i have no idea what it is. i don't have a chronograph so i cant measure it but it used to go through cans easily and now it doesn't. i noticed that my piston is not going all the way back to the starting position. you think that might be the problem? if so how can i fix it? is it the piston head bearing thats too tight? or is it the spring thats too weak? here is a video of it thanks for help
  14. @Corky2110 what do you think about this gearbox build? shs piston: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/shs-plastic-piston-with-full-metal-teeth-and-aluminium-piston-head shs motor: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SHS-Upgraded-Torque-Airsoft-Gearbox/dp/B00DPIVUG2 shs gears: https://www.airsoftworld.net/shs-13-1-super-high-speed-gearset.html lonex shell: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lonex-8mm-enhanced-bearing-gearbox-for-version-2-m4m16-series lonex anti-reversal hatch: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lonex-anti-reversal-latch-for-gearbox-version-2--3 lonex selector: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lonex-anti-heat-selector-plate-for-m4m16-series-version-2 shs cut off lever: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/shs-cut-off-yaw-lever-version-2
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