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  1. GWA684

    Commando tactical training

    42, 40, FPG & SFSG. I joined 42 in Jan 2004. That's an old sweat P0
  2. GWA684

    Commando tactical training

    Yeah that's a good shout, thanks. We were thinking of a round robin of basic skills in the morning, then in the afternoon running something similar. Thanks for the advice
  3. GWA684

    Commando tactical training

    Yeah this is what we are thinking mate. We get it wont be eveyones cup of tea but at the same time I'd imagine there's also people that want learn a bit. I loved CQB when i was still in, couldn't do enough of it and was lucky enough to do it on ops. Hopefully just pass a bit of experience
  4. GWA684

    Commando tactical training

    Thanks for all the replies. Seems like a bit of split opinion. We appreciate that not all military tactics would transfer to airsoft but feel some CQB ones definitely could. We both did the CQB instructor course and feel, especially, that working in pairs or teams and stacking up before and when entering a room etc (juding by earlier comments). We have managed to secure a few bookings so we will see how it develops.
  5. Hi everyone, Im a former Royal Marine Commando, I served for 13 years, including tours of Aghanistann and Iraq. My son has recently got into airsoft and after teaching him a few drills, I'm considering starting up a business where myself and a friend (also Marine) provide tactical training to airsoft players and clubs. Im based in Reading, Berkshire but willing to travel. Would anyone be interested? Thanks for reading