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  1. Yes. PM U Cool The list is been built as requests come in. Popular types have priority
  2. The notch is in the wrong place on the M4 I presume. An adapter for them will be "on the outside", like the one for the normal AK. It'll be on the list. More popular requests will have priority though
  3. I hear they work fine except you need to hold them in because the mag catch doesn't hold. Am I wrong?
  4. On the list after G36 and Glock adapters
  5. Makin'Bug 3D Modeling and Printing We print to order: Odin Speedloader adapter for MP5, AK, SIG 552, G36, KRYTAC Vector and others on request TRMR Holster as well as Holsters for Alpha-tec Hex, VTG and Dynatex BFG SARS Advanced Retention System Mock Silencers, clones of Osprey 45k, Osprey Micro and Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor Magazine pouch inserts For more details visit us on Makin'Bug Store and Facebook
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