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  1. Hi James I've got the bottom one, I have fitted the top one to my son's JG MP5 and it took quite a bit of work with a dremel to get it to fit. What I want to fit is a hand guard with a integral torch, but I don't think CYMA make one, so I need to use a ICS, GG, CA etc. but I need one is compatible with the CYMA bottom mount. Also where do you put the battery in your MP5 in the top picture, as I said I fitted that type of hand guard to my sons MP5 and ended up adding a PTS Foregrip to put the battery in. Where do you fit yours? J.P.
  2. Ok just read the Cleaning Rod thread, shouldn't be using Silicon Oil to clean barrel, wrist slapped there. J.P.
  3. My son has a JG MP5 and I think it's great, I did end up re-wiring it for him so he could have the battery in a fore grip, because it was stripped I also shimmed the gearbox and fitted a Titan mosfet, performance is now great. It persuaded me to buy a MP5 of my own, but I got a CYMA one which even though it has a all metal receiver is no where near as good. I am fairly new to airsoft (6 months in) and on a budget, but his JG seems value for money to me. Oh and none of the bushes are plastic. J.P.
  4. Could someone please tell me if any other hand-guards will fit a CYMA MP5, most MP5's I have seen have two notches on the top of the back of the handguard to secure it, where my CYMA one has a hook at the bottom, if that makes sense. I'd like one with a integral torch. Cheers J.P.
  5. Barrel already given a good clean (Rag with Silicon spray, followed by a dry rag and then a mag fired through). OK will remove red dot and start again with hop up, is 20 meters a long enough range to set hop up accurately, when all set up what sort of grouping should I expect on a factory barrel? Cheers J.P.
  6. How do people set there sights up on a Airsoft gun. I have a straight out the box CYMA M14 with a red dot fitted and at 20 Meters I can just about hit a dinner plate sized target. What sort of accuracy should I expect? I have maxed out on the elevation adjustment of the red dot which is mounted on a 0.8" riser, but the rifle still shoots a bit high, how can I correct this? How do you know whether to adjust the sights or hop up? Cheers J.P.
  7. Hmmm, looks like I'll have to be the guina pig for this one, I did read on a forum somewhere that a guy had fitted 3 tighbore barrels to his but that would be quite costly and I'm not that bothered about accuracy, I just want a bit more range. I will report back, although it might be a few weeks. J.P.
  8. Hi I have a CYMA tri shot M870 and I really like it, however at the site today it was shooting pretty poor, range was pathetic, has anyone upgraded a tri shot, where did you start? Thanks in advance J.P.
  9. Fixed Didn't attach the Tappet Plate to the Air Nozzle correctly. It is now a stock J&G MP5 apart from I shimmed the gearbox, the Titan and a 7.4 Lipo, and the trigger response is superb. Anyone thinking of getting one of these, I highly recommend them, installation is simple if your happy stripping a gearbox down. J.P.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, I have certainly learned that Airsofters are like Magpies and like new shinny new things, but in my case it's always double the cost, for myself and son.
  11. On the site I play the rules seem a little bit woolly, do players normally count friendly fire, playing CQB in the dark at my local site it tends to happen a lot. Also do hits to your gun count? Cheers J.P.
  12. Hi All Just stripped down my son's J&G MP5 and fitted a Gate Titan V2 mosfet and all I can say is wow, the trigger response is phenomenal. However upon reassembly the range has gone down to about 25ft, if I adjust the hop up it will shoot between 25ft and down to not at all, am I right in thinking the bucking is the problem and need to replace it? Help and advice please. Cheers J.P.
  13. Hi Introduction time Greeting all. My 12 year old son loves Airsoft, so I've had to join in, didn't like first few games I was a bb magnet, I've now learned how to not get shot and actually it's quite good fun enjoying each game more and more. Playing CQB in the NE of England. Cheers J.P.
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