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  1. Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours

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    Make: A&KGun/Model: STW M4 Recoil Engine 2018Accessories: Full list belowCondition: ExcellentFPS: 340 (2nd cylinder with original 420 Spring)Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/NoPrice/Payment: £790 listed items Posted. Buyer pays fee'sPictures: Always Hello, So I have a really annoying of habit of building a full RIF setup only to not use the damn thing or I find something else. Anyway, this is a tarted up STW (Clone PTW) with a bunch of extras. A few things to note however first: 1. The STW/PTW system does not allow the correct fitting of Nuprol MK18 rail systems so this was dremelled down to fit flush against the upper receiver. 2. Do NOT snap open the RIF like you see fools doing in youtube videos or you will most likely shatter the or at the least damage the upper receiver front pin section, at the worst both the upper and lower. Just firmly open it like it should be (Including PTW's) 3. Gun was put together, then sprayed immediately with Nuprol Coyote Brown and Sand colour with a mesh/skin effect. I mention this even though there are pictures because while its painted it has not been used. 4. It has NOT been skirmished. It has fired approximately 120 rounds in order to make sure the motor, cylinders, batteries and gearbox are functioning correctly. Never been skirmished. Room to expand, Just simply get yourself a new upper for about 20 quid and build a CQB ready. You just need to put in a new spring for the spare cylinder. Accessories Included are: 3x 11.1v LIPO Batteries (1300MaH x2, 1450Mah 1x) 1x Pinty Red Dot Reflex Sight 1x Vertical Foregrip 1x Nuprol MK18 12.5 RIS 1x Original M4 RIS 3x Magpul PTW PTS Mid Cap Magazines (Tan) 1x A&K CTW Mid Cap 2x Cylinders + Spring (Fitted is 320-340, other is 400+) 1x Tan Red Laser PEQ15 1x M3X Short Flashlight 1x Pressure Switch 1x Unfitted G&K Rear Sling Mount + AABB Front Sling Mount 1x PTW Speedloader Room to expand, Just simply get yourself a new upper for about 20 quid and build a CQB ready. You just need to put in a new spring for the spare cylinder


  2. RikJones

    Ops-Core FAST XP High Helmet (Tan, Large)

    Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours

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    Make: Ops-CoreItem: FAST XP High Cut (Tan, Large)Condition: Used. Like new (Spray)Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/nPrice/Payment: £800, Buyer pays fee'sPictures: below Like new. Worn to 1 skirmish day. Coyote Brown skin effect dusting added upon arrival as I intended to use it Pads in perfect condition fitted alongside pads for different size head and setups. Price is for all in picture minus Oakleys.


  3. RikJones

    Flyye JPC Ranger Green Large


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    Used but very good condition FLYYE JPC in Ranger green (Large) No pouches just vest with inserts = £85 With FirstSpear RG M4 Double Mag Pouch and Allied Industries Hydration Backpack = £130 Buyer pays fee's


  4. RikJones

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Some more of mine US Rangers and then a random build no particular unit
  5. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    Because i was building an MK18 similar to the ones used in these pictures by US Army Rangers but Rangers are fashionable i suppose. Been around for years mind.
  6. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    A few of mine over the years Tacklebury Systema PTW Celcius CTW MX3 G&P Magpul M4 Variant Celcius CTW Alpha II A&K M14 spray jobbie
  7. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    Some firepower for ya! G&P MK46
  8. RikJones

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My current loadout Tarted via Insta!
  9. RikJones

    Hello Everyone!

    Thought id get on here and say HIIIIIIII to everyone! Been out of airsoft for a while so im finally getting back into it all. Noticed ZeroIn was having some weird malware nonsense so I ended up finding this site instead Woop