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  1. RikJones

    BOLT MK18 MOD 1 (Recoil)

    Bumped. 290 Posted
  2. RikJones

    BOLT MK18 MOD 1 (Recoil)

    310 posted
  3. RikJones

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Some more of mine US Rangers and then a random build no particular unit
  4. RikJones

    BOLT MK18 MOD 1 (Recoil)

    Bump 320
  5. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    Because i was building an MK18 similar to the ones used in these pictures by US Army Rangers but Rangers are fashionable i suppose. Been around for years mind.
  6. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    A few of mine over the years Tacklebury Systema PTW Celcius CTW MX3 G&P Magpul M4 Variant Celcius CTW Alpha II A&K M14 spray jobbie
  7. RikJones

    BOLT MK18 MOD 1 (Recoil)

    Make: BOLT Gun/Model: MK18 MOD 1 Accessories: Listed Below Condition: Excellent (Artificial distress) FPS: 340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: 350 (Includes postage and paypal fee) Pictures: My Bolt Recoil MK18. The AEG is front wired so supplied with a thin 1300mah lipo. Sprayed with OD and TAN Krylon and artificially distressed for that on ops look. Comes with the following: 1x Madbull DD 9.5 MK18 Rail 3x G&G Mid Cap 120rd 1x Bolt Hi Cap 1x 7.4v 1300Mah LIPO (Thin split) 1x 552 EoTech Replica (didnt work when i bought it but im too lazy to open up and check wiring)
  8. RikJones

    Gun picture thread

    Some firepower for ya! G&P MK46
  9. RikJones

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My current loadout Tarted via Insta!
  10. RikJones

    Hello Everyone!

    Thought id get on here and say HIIIIIIII to everyone! Been out of airsoft for a while so im finally getting back into it all. Noticed ZeroIn was having some weird malware nonsense so I ended up finding this site instead Woop