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  1. Is matrix compatable with cyma?  trying to work out if the matrix SVD wood kit would fit on my svd.


    evike is not clear https://www.evike.com/products/47324/

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    2. kasaran


      well spotted, was looking at that site too.  well.... post xmas shopping may occur... though never ordered airsoft parts from the americas...

    3. Lozart


      @kasaran if you're ordering from Evike, be prepared for import duty etc as they will definitely put the right value on the package. Also prepare yourself for not actually getting what you've ordered. I ordered a Cyma EBR front end kit and ended up with two outer barrels (both of which were 14mm CW not CCW) the wrong flash hider and no gas block. All of which I got to keep when they finally sent me what I'd actually asked for but still.


      If you can find the same wood kit elsewhere, get it there instead.

    4. kasaran


      the only other option i found was in canada with a flat rate $100 delivery fee (strykerles's link).  Its all building wish lists currently, though i would love my SVD to have the wooden kit...

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