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  1. ive been looking but i dont know which brands make good ones. I like the G&G one though.
  2. hello, im looking for a motor grip for my lct aeg ak, specifically something like this, found on the AK700 series by E&L. ive been looking everywhere but i cant find it as a spare part, can you help me? thanks
  3. oh wait i thought you should use silicone oil on the plastic and rubber stuff?
  4. i heard that i should use silicone oil for the pistonhead, o-rings and plastic parts. And that i should use something with a higher viscosity for the gears and metal piston teeth with teflon grease. is teflon grease conductive? i dont wanna short circuit the trigger stuff
  5. hey ive been looking for hours after this CAA UPG-47 replica that element and king arms make/made, cant find it anywhere. any other alternatives? i have medium-small hands so the APS and cyma ergonomic ones are way too big. also im looking for something with less pronounced finger grooves, otherwise they wont allign with my fingers and it does fit at all. thanks
  6. it has one two star review hahahah, i think i can pay abit more to get something that feels abit better
  7. ooooooooohh shieeet alright thanks i didnt know so element would be more consisntent and youd know what you get better?
  8. im looking for an eotech 552 clone and the ACM and Element ones seem alright but i dont know which one to get, which ones better?
  9. actually its more like 1000 or above, still no advice regarding lower voltage batteries, or anything else regarding decreasing fire rate?
  10. hi, i ordered an LCT TX-MIG AK and in most videos ive seen it has a firerate of over 900, if i wanted to keep it around 750, what kind of battery voltage do you think i should use? it uses the new ver 3 gearbox
  11. anyone know any good ak74's that have a high compatibility range with aftermarket parts such as hand guards, stock adapters, stocks, magazines and pistol grips? looking to put a magpul MOE stock, a SAW style grip and an RS47 handguard on it. ive been looking at these: https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-p-s-ak74-real-wood-electric-blowback-rifle-ask-201.html https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-p-s-ak74-tdi-railed-electric-blowback-rifle-ask-204p.html https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/d-boys-ak74-full-metal-airsoft-aeg-wood.html any other good ones? preferably metal ones. thanks
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