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  1. so, ummm


    this is a thing:



    and they told me they weren't restocking them either......

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      the ak isn't as unweildy as you'd think as long as you're not filling the whole front end with aluminium rails.....

    3. Skara


      I know that they aren't unweildy ;) My 74u is actually pretty balanced despite being made of granite or something.

      It's just that adding 800 grams right on the tip would make it really unbalanced.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      it's not so bad, had a pretty heavy can on my e&l 74u.


      this is going to be a situational thing though, for night games etc.


      although granted it does make a stronger argument for getting a 105 over a 74m :P

  2. why did i decide to try refinishing the makarov with aluminium black, soooooo much sanding......

  3. Y'know with all the forum updates recently i'd have thought we'd be able to entice a better quality spambot :P

  4. Everythings different yet the same.


    Its weird.....

  5. hmmm, think i'm changing my opinion on lct....



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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      their reputation was certainly good.


      i mean maybe i've got a friday afternooner on the gearbox but the rest of the elements are still not ideal.


      maybe nuprol's ownership and getting them to make guns for them has had an impact.

    3. Shaydee


      I've heard enough about lemons from both sides to be fair, only ever purchased/used LCTs but had a go with E&Ls and they've both been great. I think the best bet is to lean to whatevers cheapest and that tends to be E&L now that Nuprol have price hiked the LCTs, fire support is no longer my go to for 'premium' AK shopping like it has been 😐


      Can't you just unscrew the hop and push it forward? I'm pretty sure I can do that with my 74u to get at the gearbox without removing the outer barrel, etc.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i've done a bit of a review which includes photos of the hop unit issue. at least once i get the photos to load.

  6. dear airsoft manufacturers


    please stop using press-fit pins that require removal for regular maintenance purposes.



  7. Buys gun, gun comes with tube loader


    Turns out mags are a pain, you gotta use the tube


    Mods tube to fit standard speedloader


    This does not work


    So now i have to load rounds singly.


    This is the definition of hubris

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    2. Rogerborg


      You've not kidding...


      image.png.c583691f4442ce40c873bbcf566adf80.pngWorst Plastic Surgeries Ever! - YouTube

    3. alxndrhll
    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      @Rogerborg yep that pretty much sums it up perfectly.


      i suppose at least my total ammo capacity of 160 rounds isn't that bad to fill up one by one.....

  8. the f2000 saga continues.


    new hop unit- check

    fresh ml macaron with omega nub- check

    feeds every round- check

    actually reliable on semi-check

    fps at least approaching 1j- whoops, we're getting 40.....

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    2. Asomodai


      I am getting such bad luck with the ML omega nub combination with lots of rifles recently in terms of feeding, huge FPS drops when hop applied and general inconsistency.


       I changed the ML on my T97, L85 and XM8 DMR to a Prommy Purple, Guarder clear and G&G green respectively. Much better dealing and less FPS drops. 


      It might not help in your situation. 


      My F2000 had a ML nub combo, but it's an AUG style hop unit in the Cyma/JG and hasnt given me any problems.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i don't think it's the hop rubber, this is the exact same issue she had with the PDI W-hop that was in previously.


      normally the feeding issue is the feedlips are too long but she's sitting just perfect atm.


      i'll have another crack at it today, if not i suspect she might be features on negative airsoft's next haunted guns show....

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      ok, now i'm very suspicious


      turns out the piston air seal wasn't quite as good as i thought (seemed to intermittently just not seal) so a new o-ring and now we're firing proper numbers.


      makes me worried, something is about to break, i know it.....

  9. hmmm, already contemplating a new barrel.....

  10. why do i do this to myself?


    always gotta make a new challenge, now it's trying to extract consistent fps from a gbb.....

    1. EDcase


      Get into sorcery instead...

      Its easier 😆 

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      starting to think that.


      trying to set the npas on this dragonuv and it's not fun, might be easy stripped but you gotta to that every goddamn time to adjust it....

  11. ahh uk customs, apparently a we 226 hop/barrel set requires a firearms declaration.....

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      aaand finally sorted.


      all imma say is fuck ups....

    3. RMDavis


      Sounds like you've had a similar experience like mine!


      The cherry on the cake though, was when it finally cleared customs and went 'out for delivery' they shipped it to the wrong warehouse! So I had to wait another day for it to arrive...

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i'm not in a massive rush, it's more the pain in the ass for something so small.

  12. And there we thought bog roll would be the currency of the apocalypse, turns out its omega nubs

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      look, it's easier to have them sitting around in case i get something new, or i'm working on a mates gun and i've got something good to throw in there.....

    3. Impulse


      I managed to get my omega nub for my VSR just before they went out of stock everywhere 😅

    4. ak2m4


      got plenty of official Maple Leaf ones and the clone hard and soft packs...when I spoke to AST though they said they were having a hard time getting them produced at the moment

  13. Just got me combat union hop unit and all i can say is it says volumes about russian fps limits....

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      well, thanks to the relaxation managed to give this thing a few rounds and can confirm whilst it's not as pretty as the MAXX hop unit it is just as good at ensuring bb's go in the correct direction.

    3. DerDer


      That's good to hear. Nice to have a high quality AK hop unit available. On the subject of MAXX see that they planned at one stage or another to release a G36 unit, no mention of AKs though. 


      Might have to give the combat union a go in the future. 

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Yeah, means i have a second gun that can lob .48's should the need arise.


      The only real downside is it's a bastard to adjust, you either gotta have tiny fingers or open the top cover, so not as amenable to "on the fly" adjustment as a standard hop

  14. Hmm, 2.5 mags of .2's from the makarov.


    Definately a lot better than it used to be.

  15. I now have that rarest of things.....




    A g&g f2000 that actually fires semi auto.....

    1. Asomodai


      @Adolf Hamster For how long?

      My Cymas Semi Auto Failed recently as the second trigger got worn down. As it's in an AUG base and you cant really get second triggers for Augs (With the hole at the back) My tech had to gut a standard second trigger All is well now. :)

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      about half an hour at this point :P


      since discovering on the aksu that an ab mosfet screws up the semi i've been figuring maybe the same was happening on the f2000.


      so dropped a warfet in her today and with precocking on it's now cycling very nicely on semi.


      of course the trigger pull is still crap but that's just an f2000 thing, and the COL is almost certainly going to wear out very quickly.

  16. First crack at rit dye, managed to acheive 66% green.


    I mean it wasnt a total failure.....

    1. RobHedley


      What is the other 36%??😲

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      sling wouldn't take the dye

  17. Man is lockdown getting dull at this point....

    1. Zarrin


      I'm feeling it too...  and I don't even have any of my guns with me to work on or tinker with. Apparently the new Thor movie 'Extraction' on Netflix is quite good, might give that a watch.

    2. Skara


      We (Italy) may play again, or rather practice team sports (airsoft falls under this category here), from the 18th of May.

  18. Debates if he could cram an xcortech inside a makarov suppressor......

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    2. Skara



      I was basing myself on the end cap, which could be way thicker than the actual wall.

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster



      ahh well, was a fun idea. the makarov seemed like an ideal candidate what with the way the barrel is setup, but i don't like the look of those tracer units as-is. too stubby.

    4. Skara


      You could get a shell milled though, same diametre as the tracer but much longer so you can stuff it with foam.

      win-win-win-lose, you get the look you want, you get the tracer and you get some level of sound suppression too, but obviously your wallet will suffer more :P

  19. Finds aftermarket bbu seal in box o' bits


    Doesnt fit makarov due to length so fits to sig


    Actual gas efficiency.


    Goddamnit now i need one that fits the makarov :(

  20. Goddamnit i wanna go shoot stuff

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    2. Musica


      They should pay airsofters to disperse gathering of 3 or more. Police then hand out fines to the people with the welts. 

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i'm down with that.....

    4. Skara


      If someone has a spare room I am willing to illegally enter the UK and take part in the cleansing.

  21. Goes to play ac:unity


    Remembers why he never finished ac:unity


    Seriously how did they make a game where you can run around revolutionary paris wailing on people with a poleaxe boring?

    1. Jedi_Master


      I played it last year when Ubisoft gave everyone a free copy following the Notre Dame fire.  I enjoyed AC: Black Flag much more.


    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      I cant put my finger on why i dont like it, it just doesnt get me.


      Black flag was awesome, didnt even need the assasin stuff to be good when you can just be a pirate.


      That said i'm maybe just odd, i enjoyed the hell out of ac3 and a lot of folk hated that for some reason.

    3. Cr0-Magnon


      I've played both Unity and Black Flag extensively and yeah the latter is definitely my favourite between them. Although I tend to get bored of a game when you have to do the same type of mission time after time. Obviously a different series but I think Far Cry 4 may be my favourite game of all time.

  22. the boredom is definately starting to become a thing, contemplating trying to minimise gear noise on the aksu, it's not like i don't have quiet guns either.....

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      yeah, the aim wouldn't be complete silence, just to make it sound less like a sewing machine.


      i suppose HS gears with HT motor would be the best option, no need/desire to increase the ROF or trigger response.


      i probably shouldn't do it, it's a great gun just a bit whiney.

    3. Albiscuit


      Quietest gun I ever heard was a tippman omega. I could not hear the guy next to me firing, to the point I told him I didnt think his gun was working :D  

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      My e&l is like that, very handy for sneaky stuff

  23. Goddamn gate ab mosfets and their ability to stop right at the sweet spot to lock the trigger.....

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