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    M1A1, MP40, Hi-capa 5.1, Infinity 4.3 Limited, SSA, Kar 98K, PSG-1, G3-SG1, AK-beta, MP5-SD5,
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    Fallschirmjäger(Africa, tan & water), PMC, Sturmgeschütz Crew(Oak Leaf), 101 Para
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  1. Nah, stop airsoft since I come over to UK. Guess I am out of luck. I place everything in a self storage and forget about it. Only when the self storage contact me via e-mail last week I remeber I have those. I will just see if airsoft player want those in my home town. Thank you guys
  2. Hi, I have done some googling and searching in this forum about importing airsoft from oversea. Seem being a member of UKARA and being current active is a must. I was active airsoft player in my Home country, but I have relocate to UK about 10years and since I relocate I have not be involve in any airsoft activites. Some of those I really like to keep it and ship over here (e.g. first generation Tanaka kar 98k, TM Thompson etc). I don't think I would be joining any airsoft skirmish in the future, just keeping those as a collection. I couldn't find anyway to import it without painting it two tone. Wondering could I find a UK airsoft dealer to import on behalf of me? or it is too much hassle?
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