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  1. hi looking for some good sites to visit in the midlands area. these sites must have a decent hire package as I don't have my own gun. as many suggestions as possible please.
  2. awestie90

    First airsoft experience

    so yesterday was my first taste of airsoft! I went to the gaol in Leicester and had awesome time. I liked the different game types and the site was awesome loved going through the old prison site! the staff were very nice and always happy to help. meet up with @LightningCh who is such a nice guy and helped me a long the way! I will definitely be going back again!
  3. awestie90

    new to airsoft and looking for HELP!

    cool. I live stapleford
  4. awestie90

    new to airsoft and looking for HELP!

    where abouts notts do you live?
  5. awestie90

    AEG starter bundles

    so I've been looking on a couple of websites and I can only seem to find a starter bundles on ZeroOne airsoft website. does anybody know of any other websites that do starter bundles I'm looking for kit where you get a rifle, battery and charger etc in one kit for a decent price any help please
  6. awestie90

    new to airsoft and looking for HELP!

    thanks for the advice just looking at some threads now! where do you personally buy from?
  7. Help help help I need some body but not just any body, I need a experienced airsofter! hi guys and gals I'm new to airsoft and looking for some advice. I've never played airsoft before but want to get into it, my first question is what's the best airsoft site close to me (I live in Nottingham) willing to travel but not super far out! next ukara, when going to my first airsoft site and playing does count towards getting my ukara and what do I need to do to get it. now some questions about gear! #1 best AEG/brand for starting out which is upgradable and customable? #2 where to buy and where not to buy? #3 if I turn up with a two toned gun will I get looked down upon? as much help as possible would be appreciated