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  1. thebikemechanic

    *insert witty newcomer title here*

    Cheers for the sub mate I appreciate it, that's no worries I'll have a few videos by the end of the week going on hopefully. Some gameplay from tomorrow as well as a review or two of the new guns I got this week
  2. thebikemechanic

    *insert witty newcomer title here*

    Haha I have only has the channel a couple days, so I'm gonna test the water with gimmicks and stuff see what works best. My beard used to be about 6x the length it is now, but I kept pulling hairs out so I had to cut it back to hide the bald spot
  3. thebikemechanic

    *insert witty newcomer title here*

    Cheers Jedi, will do
  4. thebikemechanic

    *insert witty newcomer title here*

    I'll definitely look into that, thanks for the heads up!
  5. Alright guys and girls, been signed up to the forum a couple weeks or so now just been getting a feel for the way it works, thought it was about time I introduced myself. Been into airsoft a few years now but I last played about two years ago. After that brief hiatus I decided this year I was going to throw myself back into it. Luckily a few of my mates still play, there's an airsoft store about 2 miles from my house and couple of sites local to get back into it with. Alongside this I've decided to try my hand at documenting anything and (mostly) everything I do that involves airsoft. So I set up a YouTube account for reviews, new kit, game footage etc and an Instagram account - because everyone wants to be Insta famous, right? So if your interested, give me a subscribe and follow on them to spur me on, it'll be greatly appreciated. I promise it'll be funny as f*ck because I'm terrible at it. YT : airsoftnoobonyoutube Insta: airsoftnoobonyoutube Peace out