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  1. well id say look out for me and curtis from pandawolf airsoft, but our damn patches got delayed in production and didnt turn up in time, but i wear kryptech mandrake camo, not many people do so you might see me (or not if the camo works)
  2. sooooo update guys, i now have a pretty little micro dot added onto the defender
  3. hey guys, my local field is having a charity game day tomorrow (24/02/18) all info can be found on the link below, its for a good cause, £30 on the door (of which £8 goes straight to the charity) you dont need to book just turn up between 8am and 9am, theres a raffle with some pretty nice kit going as prizes, once again all money goes to charity https://www.facebook.com/events/1555900144498402/?ti=cl site rules are on the airsoft plantation website, http://airsoftplantation.co.uk/
  4. thankyou for a detailed but to the point response, i will now put my gun back together and leave it as it was when i last used it, just cleaned...
  5. its an asg mk23, cos i cant afford a TM one... and yeah as i said, thats my brother in laws logic...
  6. this doesnt answer my question in any way...
  7. and now it appears that the internet rage has started... i will make this simpler... will me using a small amount of ptfe tape to seal my bucking down to my inner barrel: A) give me any boost whatsoever in performance? B ) cause any damage or excessive wear to my aeg or its components? thank you
  8. were only talking about sealing the bucking to the inner barrel, not sealing the whole thing solid. unless i've read what you've written wrongly in which case please correct me
  9. i dont have a problem with them being poly, i dislike the weight balance it causes on my mk23 but thats it, and yeah my brother in law has an all metal g36... the real gun is poly... nuff said
  10. see i can tweak my hop to get the bbs going like lasers, but however much hop i use, once i get past a certain range they just drop like flies
  11. gun has only seen a few games, was bought new in january, had about 10k shots through it so sod all wear really, just wanted to get a little closer to that limit if i could for the extra range, any other ideas or recommendations?
  12. dont get me wrong, theyre both plastic guns, which i know bugs some people, but with that rail on the front end of the defender its really well balanced in your hands, whereas i have the opposite problem with the pistol, because its a plastic frame, slide and silencer, the mag makes it terribly back heavy to hold... but i'll just have to get used to that, i wanted a mk 23 and i dont know of anyone who makes an all metal one...
  13. what is the benefit if it not being an airtight seal?
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