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  1. Thats why Im intensively searching
  2. As I already mentione, I saw this site already. I was just seeing if other people had different stores they found since google search results are somewhat different in each country
  3. Im specifically looking for SWEDISH M90 DESERT CAMO. Found two online (Tac-Up Gear and Nordic Armygross) stores but out of stock for my sizes If you find a a store please link it here! I heard that the legit ones have three crowns in the tag. Lookout for it!
  4. I think you might want to give this a read if you’re really into using propane. http://www.propane101.com/propanegradesandquality.htm The more you know..
  5. Wish you could have started with a longer barrel for snipers
  6. Hello! I was wondering where I could buy legit BDU? Can I just walk into a military base and ask? lol
  7. Does the smell not bother you? Or is it not that strong in the winter?
  8. I think it just nuprol 4.0 black counterpart but amazingly flamable and disgustingly stinky lol
  9. Correct me if Im wrong but I think I read that HPA is more accurate beause the way the air flows? So thats why I was wondering if there was any difference between green gas and co2.
  10. Saw some videos of firearms shooting wet suppressors and suprisingly the shots were so much quiete. Has anyone tried this on a suppressed airsoft? While watching my imagination went wild so I was wondering, would water gels explode if I filled stuffed them in a mock supproessor? and out of topic but which is better for accuracy? CO2 or Greengas? Seen reviews but all of the talk about more fps and nothing on accuracy.
  11. Saw Cleanshot’s video on how MK23 has accurate shots 50~70 meters with maple leaf barrel+ I-key (which made buy the gun) and the suppresor says it gives your gun more range. Now Im just concerned that my secondary might outrange my primary ffs hahaha yes my picture is that wolf
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