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  1. Ergonomically it’s preaty good for me. Nice picture 😂. And it’s not like tipe 96. A barrel light like m 16 .
  2. In fees ground paint.
  3. it will not be too short? although, everyone builds how he likes. post photos of your progress. I will be glad to see that someone else has done what they really wanted with their own hands.I wanted it to look like m4
  4. I’l search in google. it is very convenient for me how everything works in factory places. the idea of a whale in the most simple transformation from the classic style to bullpup.
  5. All stay in her old place I change onli trigger place. Mag change is easy in stock place to. Problems have only a left hand people’s, bud you can change fire selector side.
  6. Hi, a little news about a project. now a project is in the test layout. personally for myself, I decided to make the transfer of the trigger a little differently. as soon as I'm determined with convenience, I will start finishing work on painting. now she is already working on hpa. tests of the aeg version have already been successful.
  7. Hi, i think first variant is good.my first m4 is cyma. over time, I changed all parts to KAC and now there is not a single old part left in it. this will allow you not to expensive to start playing again and you will have a base for further improvements. i started my tyuning from gear box, after this i changed resievers. this is just my opinion, I think there are many more experienced players here.
  8. it's ok. you not alone my friend.
  9. a Ris and resievers only for a example. i'll print only butt and trigger trigger transfer. All mechanick parts is work. my question about design. I carry the trigger forward and add a contact to the safe mode. weapons can always be returned to the factory view.
  10. i maked safe mode electrical (played with contacts). its work. triger work wish simple electric swich. motor in old place all work without any changes on gear.
  11. Hi every one. First of all, happy new year!!! I have some questions. And also I'll be glad to receive your posetive and negative cmts for my design before I'll send it to print.thx
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