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  1. Managed to get a t1 replica from eBay unfortunately from China or somewhere out the way due to postage dates being ages, can anyone throw over a relatively cheap t1 lens protector cap, that goes on the front that isn’t from china
  2. Can someone throw up a link to these element pressure plate holders in black thanks @MagpieAirsoft
  3. @Lozart sorry I didn’t see your post about having one for £10 would it fit my m600 sorry to keep asking but don’t want to buy it if it won’t fit, I’ve defo got both rubber end cap and the other one
  4. @MagpieAirsoft do the pressure plate switches with the constant on fit the m600 replica like mine ? Also can you throw a link over for the first one you posted aswell?
  5. I remember using Velcro on my old pressure plate and didn’t work at all, kept coming off of the back of the pressure plate becuase it’s rubber, if anyone knows any strong stuff or anything else
  6. Yeah it’s only a replica, found a couple of them on eBay and messaged a guy to see if they sold the pressure plates separate which they do, about £14 if anyone can find cheaper then will be buzzing also, and good pressure plate holders that screw onto the barrel ? Or any alternatives other than messy tape or paracord like I did last time,
  7. Found my torch brand it’s A surefire m600 model with a pressure plate back
  8. Yeah think I’m going to try go for a t1 replica, and also a protector to cover this type of sight also I don’t fully remember my torch brand, it was Definatly a fairly high priced one if my memory is correct think it was about 60 pound, the only problem well I suppose I don’t know if it’s a problem or not is that it has a mount already welded too it, which is obviously not detachable I’ll see if I can find a photo with my gun and With it on
  9. @FreeFrag.UK thank you so much for this reply, really in depth and very much useful, I think I will stick maybe to a solid flashlight, my other one was great but is now broke due to pressure plate and can’t seem to find a pressure plate on its own, would be nice and useful for a good flashlight that has a 45 degrees mount or something and is quite bright lumens wise, in regards to the foregrip I shall buy an angled one as ghee generally quite cheap and if it don’t work I allways have my vertical to fall back on, also what protector would you recommend I do have one which is like a clear flip up style one but somehow managed to go past my last one and hit straight through my red dot breaking it but not my protector ? Lol
  10. Yeah man will look nice so tbh I’m looking at 2 options for scopes and 2 options for grips all 4 will be posted below, and then an option for a good torch with stobe only or stobe and high function holo or other raised scope and vertical foregrip or the other style
  11. Thanks for everyone’s help so far honestly appreciate it and yes @Mad Rag just red paracord from eBay, and just looked up some different designs and made it up, I like it too but need to add some more red to complement it, my site is cqb but also has some long areas outside as it’s an abandoned raf site so when your inside the houses it’s cqb but outside is also quite frequent too, yeah just want a strobe or something with at least strobe and high not one that’s runs through all the cycles becuase low and medium is not what I want that torch you have is the one I allready have and is the one that goes through all modes so annoying This is a more up to date photo of my gun, I’ve currently got the stock off due to checking if the magpul ubr stock replica would fit on my type gun, just looking st options for holographic or red dot like I have 2 different types in mind for sights and then didn’t know what to use fore-grip wise Becuase of comfort
  12. Just remember getting strobed at my last couple of games and thought it was quite good and yes need a new pressure plate
  13. Yeah the cqb area I run has lots of dark corridors and rooms that people love to camp in especially on certain game types hence why I want a strobe type
  14. Hi all I wouldn't say I’m new to airsofting as I have been a fair few times, slowly chasing and adding bits to my gun load out. im currently running a dytac m4 cqb lone star edition with upgraded dytac la rail, internal silencer/tracer, upgraded spring and other upgraded internals for 330 FPS ish, looking for scopes, grips, strobe torches and good iron sights and placement on all these things as like I said I don’t have a massive clue on stuff will post a picture of my gun below, have taken a few bits of like the vertical grip as was going to change to a hand foregrip also torch has now gone due to pressure plate breaking and scope is no longer there as sold and the iron sight is right at the back
  15. If you can show me a video on how you use this custom aeg stock, just want to see how it works compared to the Normal ect and I can get one brand new from a place in China but will probably take 7 years to get here and it’s £50 so depends on what your willing to take
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