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  1. Get your hazmat suits ready the Battlegroup19 is coming! Do you have what it takes to survive under the radioactive threat? Trailer of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXoNcEB4GFs
  2. Websites are now open in https://tstos19.ehasa.org The registration will open 15.2.2019 5pm (GMT+2) in https://tstos19.kuulaportti.fi Battlegroup 2019 is a four days long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held in Padasjoki in the areas of the Finnish defence forces, the municipality of Padasjoki and the city of Hämeenlinna. Combined, the event area offers much larger size and more extensive road network than last year. Also the combined area enables the use of various vehicles such as armored, wheeled and boats. Also Ehasa has long history of collecting feedback and statistics from players. We have a website for these surveys now. You can answer our Battlegroup 19 player inquiry and apply for Reconnaissance platoon and Information and Resereach Platoon here: https://survey.ehasa.org
  3. Now is the time to vote for the best games, shops, blogs shops and manufacturers etc. of 2018, shops, arms manufacturers. Don't forget to vote our TSTOS18/Battlegroup 18 event for the best +500 participants event of 2018!Every vote is needed, because a multi-time winner is a bigger event than we are, and still winning was almost close. Rumor has it that the Finns present in Borderwar have hinted that the winning title belongs to us, so let's show that there is strength to vote here too!You should vote anyway because Popular Airsoft is sharing prizes among those who have responded to the vote. Link for the prizes and the vote:https://www.popularairsoft.com/hey-you-do-you-want-win-one-any-these-cool-stuff
  4. Check our teaser site: http://tstos19.ehasa.org/teaser/?lang=en
  5. Biggest finnish airsoft event, Battlegroup 19, will be held in Padasjoki, Finland 14.-18.8.2019 The duration of the event is from Thursday to Sunday. More detailed information about the game area, the factions and the story will be published later in main site but before that you can check our teaser site: http://tstos19.ehasa.org/teaser/?lang=en
  6. Faction Commander for Pirkanmaa is Jesse Suokas! Hello there, I am Jesse Suokas ([email protected]) and will act as the Pirkanmaa battalion commander. I have been an airsoft enthusiast since 2005 and in 2012 I joined Ehasa to help create great events in Finland. I have previous experience from the TSTOS series as the main organizer of Uusimaa in 2016 and commander of Pirkanmaa in 2017. Officers needed. If you are interested contact me directly via email.
  7. New camo (Berezka Grey/Yellow) has been allowed for Pirkanmaa faction. This includes ex. KZS uniforms. We will release Pirkanmaa faction leader presentation soon, but it will be Jesse from Ehasa who was in charge of Pirkanmaa also last year.
  8. Seek as leader in Battlegroup 18! As leader you have great impact to your and others game experience and all troops need leaders! We seek battalion commander for Pirkanmaa faction in Battlegroup 18 event. Also we need company commanders and platoon leaders for both factions. As reward, we offer benefits for selected leaders. Battlegroup 18 benefits: http://tstos18.ehasa.org/tickets/&lang=en If you are interested, contact following personel: Battlegroup 18 Uusimaa: [email protected] Battlegroup 18 Pirkanmaa: [email protected]
  9. Time to gather the last troops to vote for the Ehasa's Battlegroup 17-event for the airsoft event of 2017 in the Popular Airsoft Players Choice Awards! VOTE HERE! (Select Language, enter your email and remember to vote for Battlegroup 17-event in category 13.) By voting, you participate in Popular Airsoft's own raffle where you can win the following PRIZES. After commenting / liking Ehasa's FB competition you will participate also in OUR RAFFLE. In our raffle, one winner will receive a free ticket to Battlegroup 18-event, as well as a BMP1 ride for himself and his friend during the event. In addition, both are given the Battlegroup 18-event patch. If you have already voted, make sure all your friends vote! Let's take Finland and Ehasa to the world map! competiton is still on for 24 hours!
  10. There is still time to vote Battlegroup 17 event in Popular Airsoft Players' choice awards, but 5.2. is closing fast! Remember to tell your friends also and like/comment the shared Ehasa's post! Here is remind what you can win from Popular Airsoft: https://www.popularairsoft.com/we’re-final-week-voting-period-vote-now And from us: -1 free ticket to Battlegroup 18 event - 2 free Battlegroup 18 patches - BMP1 ride with your friend during the event You can vote: https://playerschoice.popularairsoft.com/ Choose the language, enter your email address and remember to vote for the Battlegroup 17 in category number 13. Ehasa's FB draw: https://www.facebook.com/EhasaRy/posts/1942926455747705
  11. Greetings, My name is Paavo Piironen, and I will be the Battalion Commander for Uusimaa in the upcoming event. I worked as the Battalion XO on Pirkanmaa's side in the last year's TSTOS event. Our HQ Platoon staff will come to the event well prepared, motivated and full of excitement. Our goal is to create an environment for Uusimaa where our troops can function and co-ordinate as effectively and effortlessly as possible. We want to encourage all leadership capable personnel, as well as people who might simply be interested in taking leadership positions, to step up and sign up for company commander, platoon leader, squad leader and/or fireteam leader roles. Our HQ Platoon staff will provide full support for all leaders before and during the event. I believe that this upcoming event will be unique for all of us! For Paavo's email, check end of this link.
  12. Vote Battlegroup 17 and take part in raffles! Battlegroup 17 is running alongside four other events for the title of the best airsoft event with over 500 players. International Popular Airsoft -website is arranging the vote. Vote for the best, that is us, and let’s spread the word about good games! By taking part in the vote and liking or commenting this Facebook message you can take part in both Popular Airsoft’s and Ehasa’s raffles. Popular Airsoft raffle prizes you can see: IN THIS LINK In Ehasa’s raffle we will choose one lucky winner. The prize is one free ticket to the event Battlegroup 18, a BMP1 transport for two in Parola training area during the event and two Battlegroup 18 patches. You can vote: HERE! Choose the language, enter your email address and remember to vote for the Battlegroup 17 in category number 13. Finally, like or comment this Facebook message! There’s time to vote and comment till 5.2. 23.59 UTC +2. After this we will run the raffle and be in touch with the winner via Facebook. We thank all who voted for us! We’d like to keep arranging the best events in the world!
  13. Registration for Battlegroup 18 is open. Over 200 have already registered in first night. https://tstos18.kuulaportti.fi/ See in the game!
  14. Battlegroup 18 registration opens in less than 48 hours! Before that you can already fill our new inquiry. This inquiry will be used to collect data from players who will participate to the Battlegroup 18 event. The answers will help us to advertise our event and finnish airsoft in general. Answering the inquiry won't take much of your time but it will be really helpful for us to develop our events in the future. All feedback will be anonymous and none of it will be published unless you give us permission to do so. Link for inquiry: https://goo.gl/forms/Ba4Obnd679dmQJhF2 Thank you for your feedback!
  15. The video from Battlegroup 17 is now ready! See you in next year's Battlegroup 18! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix601RS-aeI&feature=youtu.be
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