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  1. Cheers, after googling what they were, and working out how to shift them, I got them off. Shotty now fits nicely into its scabbard affixed to rear of vest with easy access and nice low weight too.
  2. Pretty much like the title says, does anyone know if the CYMA CM.352 tri-shot shotun's folding stock is removable, and how would I go about it? It looks wholly eternal so, can I get the stock off without any issues? I'm mainly asking as it doesn't fit in the scabbard I've got for it when the stock is folded down, and when it's extended it gets gets in the way and springs up on occasion. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, I looked at those masks and liked them, but felt the one I'd picked was more up-to-date and had less mesh overall, so would be more comfortable if it ends up sitting close to my face as so many tend to. And it's good to know about the dial adjuster, the info didn't mention that, and those are nice to have for a decent fit (My bike helmets have them) so thanks for letting me know.
  4. Right, so at it goes right now, I'm thinking of getting the Nuprol Airsoft Fast Railed Helmet, the Nuprol NP Pro Mesh Goggles (Mesh as I can't find a decent pair of no-fog goggles with interchangeable lenses and I prefer my eyes aren't generally visible to people or to exposed to light since I have light sensitive eyes) and a cheap, non-brand Lower Face Mesh-Mask since it gives front and ear protection. I'd prefer something branded that offers protection both front and side, but again, couldn't find anything suitable. Opinions, comments, suggestions or anything before I put the order in? Thanks.
  5. Hmm, from what I'm seeing and reading, both on here and on the web in general, it sounds like it would be more advantageous for me to do a three-piece helmet setup, helmet, eye-pro an a half-mask and maybe hook the pieces together, or at least in part. I'll have to have a scan through amazon and such places and see if I can't find a setup that I can put together.
  6. Thanks, but I don't keep faulty products so the helmet was returned, and irregardless of that, the fencer mask/helmet can't be worn with a helmet over it, the shape and design of it prevents such. Thanks though.
  7. Okay, so I'm looking for some advice and recommendations here. To date, for head/face protection I've used either a mesh half-mask coupled with mesh goggles, was great and allowed me the most flexibility obviously, but I only play CQB and after a few to many hit's to the face where the half-mask and goggles didn't cover, I upgraded to a full face, fencing style mask. Now, it did the job well enough, but because the mesh part is sculpted (Sort of like the shaped angle of a human skull) it tends to rest on parts of my face (Yeah, I'm fuller faced, Read: Chubby) and as I found out, you sure as hell still fell the sting when BB's hit the mesh resting on your face. That it also has openings in the back is annoying as during the 'Dead Man' walk back to spawn, I've had more than a few shots creep around the straps and hit me in the head. So I shelled out over £105 for a PJ Fast Helmet With Steel Mask And Goggles G4 System, since it was full cover and seemed like it would serve well. Sadly, I don't know if I got a dodgy knock-off from the Middlesex supplier I bought it from on Amazon, but it didn't survive half an hour out of the box before one of the spring catches that allows you to change the size or fully remove the visor of the mask snapped away and prevented the visor being put back on. So I put that to the roadside and went back to the fencer style mask. After yet another face injury, I've once more looking for a replacement. I was going to shell out another £100 and get the Wosport Tactical Helmet from Amazon (The Devtac Ronin Replica) however Amazon had no reviews on it, and searching around is getting me some mixed information. Some places are claiming the replica is utter garbage, that both the hard plastics its made of, and the material of the lenses, shatter under a 350FPS shot at close range, not ideal if true. While others are saying the helmet can easily take 420FPS without a scratch. I planned to get the mesh lenses, but it's still leading me to question the action of buying this helmet, as continued healthy eye-sight isn't something to be taken lightly. Can anyone shed any light with personal experience, or recommend something in the head/face protection market that I should maybe look into? Thanks.
  8. Ugh, they've been out of stock there for over 2 months. Figures they suddenly have stock after I make a bleeding post. Thanks.
  9. Okay, so this is my second attempt on here to get some information and support, and hopefully will go better than my last. I really need to know what brands/manufacturers make airsoft magazines compatible with the WE Glock 33 Advanced. Now, I know that most Glock magazines are suitable, however I can't get my hands on any 22-Round Glock Mags at a decent price (Under £25, since the original 22's retail at £17) and the only places that I've found the original mag's themselves are out of stock till June and I need a few mag's a lot sooner than that, so I'm looking for ones which would fit and work well in a WE Glock 33 Advance. Please, any help would be welcome.
  10. Thanks Immortal, it's really helpful to know that some of the other WE Glock mag's might also work in the pistol, however since I can't seem to find anywhere selling any WE mag's, I'm still searching for a magazine that would be compatible with my Glock 33.
  11. So just bought my first side-arm, a WE G33 Advanced, and I'm quite pleased with it, got kick, good accuracy an good weight to it, the only downside is, I didn't realize how hard getting the proper magazines for it would be prior to purchase, but live and learn eh. My usual retailer is out of stock on them until June or July, and the few other places that do have a stock of them only have the 15-round mag's which they are selling for more than the base cost of the 24-round mag's I want. So I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a 24-round or higher magazine that would be compatible with my pistol. Many thanks.
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