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  1. Yea it’s about 20 mins or so away from me. I will give it a look. Cheers!
  2. My son and I Popped our Airsoft cherries today. Played at Tactical Warefare in Croydon. Was great fun and everyone was friendly and showing us their guns. Thank you for making us feel welcome. I now got mud in places I didn’t think possible because I fell Arse over ahead and nearly face planted the floor haha! I think I will be back there again soon too!
  3. Ok... I got my combats, I got my boots, my gloves, elbow and knee pads and a camo snood for my ears lol. I think I am ready to try it for the first time. I am gonna go to Tactical Airsoft in Croydon this weekend or maybe next game weekend in 2 weeks. Anybody going for either of those days?
  4. Do you have details of where this is opening?
  5. Would that not cause a slight smear on the lens?
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I think I.m gonna try the nuprol Mesh as well as the Revision Sawfly as I like the look of those. I will make sure my son has the full face mask as we are going to hire out first. But he wants to have goggles and a face mask like mine with a bandana around the neck sort of look too. I have found a couple of decent surlus websites that have the Sawfly's on for about £25-£30 so will give them a shot (no pun intended there lol) Thanks again for your help guys
  7. I was told about Nuprol ones being ok for the price, so I think I might give them a shot. Cheers
  8. I know that not all quality stuff is cheap, but I am looking for eye protection and have looked through websites, eBay and all sorts. I think I would prefer mesh to goggles and I have seen tonnes on eBay all different colours and sellers and all look exactly the same so looking for ideas and to fit price range of £5 to £15 each as I need to buy 2 pairs. Myself and my son.
  9. Defo best to hire out for the first game or 2 to make sure that you will both enjoy it. Otherwise you will end up having bought a gun that you won't use and even the cheaper of the good guns are not completely cheap. I am new to this too and I am going to hire out on my first go next month.
  10. And a good comfy pair of Boots. That was one of the first things I was advised, besides the face mask and goggles lol
  11. mind you I found this website just now http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/
  12. I only said UKARA sites mainly for those who would want to get their UKARA. I did see that other thread actually, but didn't really give that much information on what they offer, similar to what they would have on their website I mean. Was just an idea lol
  13. I don't know if this was done before. But maybe a basic guide to UKARA registered skirmish sites and what they have to offer for game days, rough prices for these and settings for the games eg CQB indoors, outdoors, woodlands, vehicles involved etc. I know there would be some people that would arrange a weekend away to try out new sites in different areas of the Country. We have places to buy that is from member's own experiences so maybe something along those lines. Appreciate everybody will have an opinion on each place but it would be good for general consensus
  14. Hi @Edward Black Like you I am new and not played Airsoft yet. I joined this forum a couple of weeks ago and I have been welcomed with open arms and people answered my newbie questions and made me feel more comfortable. I also went to my local airsoft shop to get some info as well. Just be reading on this forum, you get a feel that everyone is willing to help everyone else. Now I know a little more i am going to go to my first skirmish in February as I am busy working over the next 5 weeks. Just remember, everybody here was "The new Guy" at one point. I reckon once you take that plunge you will love it you will automatically start talking to people while playing because you kinda have to in the games lol Where is your local skirmish site, you might find people in here that play there regularly.
  15. I thought it was. I suppose I should have known that from playing shoot em ups lol
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