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  1. So done a post before my GG fire hawk stopped working and tryed a few different fuses and the same problem. I just unscrewd it and check it all wires are on the moter witch they wasn't. Puts them back on and the moter did spin, so I put bit back in and now it's making this noise. Very strange noise doesn't sound right.. also this small thing was was on the moter? 53547703019__0F156DBB-5BC4-46BF-8F40-E10710EB2C7E.MOV
  2. Hi all; thanks.. I have unscrew the gun to check wires are in moter correctly,pushed them down and fired it to see if moter would work witch it did spin so I screwed it back together. And still nothing once screwd
  3. Gun wasn't firing at all just stoped. But was perfectly fine before hand. I guessed it may be the fuse as I popped it out I dropped the fuse so. So I couldn't tell if it broke before I dropped it if you get what I mean, I went and brought 10 of the same fuse and used 3 them all blew. I've not got a unblocking rod but I pushed some copper wire down and seems like it is not block. I'm from swanley. Kent. BR8.. any one on here local and could check it out for me? I'll pay of course. Just gutted after 2 days this has happened lol.. I payed £80 for it. Dose this sound like a fair price. Come with
  4. Brought it second hand. There's the battery's I'm useing . When I shake it sounds like a bb could b stuck. Could this also be a factor. Or could the moter just be bugerd. Thanks
  5. Joined this forum 5mins ago.. I know f**k all about anything.. I brought a gg firehawk couple days a go as I would like to get into airsoft etc. (First gun) worked fine for 2 days. All a sudden it stoped. I could not tell if the fuse was blown but ended up dropping it so had to buy a new one regardless lol, I brought 10 of them today and I've put 3 in and they have all blown. No sound,no nothing. (Flat blade mini fuse). Within about 10 secounds the fuse goes bang! The battery also seems to be getting very very hot the gun come with a 1600 battery... Could this be a battery problem/fuse or mote
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