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  1. I came here to be pedantic but a different pedant has already done the pedantry that I wanted to do, so I'm about to deal some double pedantry: it is you that needs the defence when importing or manufacturing.
  2. Longshot

    New to the Game

    As above Donzie, the VCRA is the relevant piece of legislation here, not UKARA (which is just a database). Weirdly, as long as you're over 18 it's never illegal for you to buy a RIF, so you're covered either way. For your friend to have the defence he'd probably like to have as a seller he needs to feel like he's met the demands of the VCRA, which is that he believes that he's selling the RIF to you for "the acting out of military or law enforcement scenarios for the purpose of recreation" and that this will take place at a site with the relevant third party liability insurance. Under that definition you don't even have had to have played airsoft yet for him to sell you a RIF, but since he's played airsoft with you previously and recently then he's covered. Long story short: he can sell you a RIF.
  3. Longshot

    New to the Game

    Donzie, have you already been playing airsoft at a site and was this potential seller there with you?
  4. I don't post much about airsoft because I don't like airsoft very much.
  5. Which is why the 'law' section on any airsoft forum is always the place to be! (Fires AK into the air as if he's at a wedding).
  6. So, just to be safe should I send the AK back? Also, I've eaten the fruit salad sweets now and I fired about 20 rounds into the air at a wedding I went to (everyone else was doing it), will that affect me getting a refund?
  7. Should I two tone it myself just to be sure?
  8. I don't play very much anymore so when I wanted an Cyma AK47 for Christmas I ordered one as a two tone. However when it arrived it wasn't a two tone and it was an actual real AK47. Because it was Christmas they also put some fruit salad sweets in there as a treat and a wooden box with 100 7.62mm rounds (also not two toned). Can I keep it even though it's not two tone and I don't have a UKARA number?
  9. It would be an odd choice. I don't carry my real guns in "proper gun cases" and there's no law that says I have to.
  10. I agree with the OP. I did some DEEP research into this and did you know that the UKARA licensing board is also speciesist? If you read the wording of the VCRA that they use to inform their actions you'll see that gorillas also can't be given the license, even if they play their three games within 2-12 months. Only two people have ever seriously tried to change this system: JFK and Harambe. Look what the Obama puppet regime did to them. Everything around you, including UKARA, is a puppet of big pharma and the Rothschilds. Wake up sheeple!
  11. Ahh! No, don't apologise; that endangers the sport even more! The police, the Daily Mail and all 650 MPs (and possibly the FBI and CIA for some reason) are constantly monitoring all airsoft forums in the UK. If you apologise for something you are, in effect, admitting you are guilty of something, and, as we all know, every single airsoft forum user is representative of all airsofters in the country. Now if the wrong people get hold of this thread and take it to court there's not a jury in the world who will acquit airsoft. It's going down I tells you. 25 with an L homie.
  12. No thread is complete without sarcasm. No thread I tell you! Not having enough sarcasm is endangering the sport!
  13. Be realistic! What's a FAC worth? All it means is that you've convinced the police service that you're qualified to possess, safely store and safely use a range of dangerous killing machines including .50 calibre rifles that can fire accurately and lethally to distances of over a mile. That's all well and good, but if you want a toy that can fire small pieces of plastic you need to really put the time in and convince shops and online forum users that you can be trusted with such a responsibility. Stop looking for ridiculous shortcuts and endangering the sport!
  14. It is manufacturing, but the defence against prosecution for manufacturing is simply that you were doing it for the purposes of "the acting out of military or law enforcement scenarios for the purposes of recreation" (an example of which is 'airsoft skirmishing') at a site with third party liability insurance. It's up to you to decide whether you felt you could prove this to be the case.
  15. They seem to go harder on the seller, but 24A (i) here certainly has the buyer at fault if they are under 18 as well: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/section/40
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