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  1. whynotw4lk

    Gate Titan USB Link help!

    No my cable is just a micro usb to standard usb, my phone is a usb type-C port. I have tried it in both my laptop and desktop pc though to the same effect. Ok, so it seems I've found a fix. Instead of the cable provided by gate I used a ps4 controller charging cable which has worked. So i imagine the cable was faulty.
  2. whynotw4lk

    Gate Titan USB Link help!

    So i took the dive and have fitted a v2 gate titan mosfet into my gun. Everything hunky dory, but my pc wont recognise the USB link to allow me to hook it up to the software and fiddle with some settings. I've tried installing divers manually following the links provided on the gate website still to no avail. The USB link just shows the blue light regardless of it being plugged into only the PC or PC and gun. Is this just a fault USB link unit or does anyone have a fix/specific way to install the necessary drivers to get this working. Very much looking forward to anyone who can shed light on this, cheers for your time.
  3. whynotw4lk

    Airsoft Argument

    Personally, I'd find reenacting the knife scene from saving private ryan absolutely hilarious. However I completely agree with the only physical contact verbally consented to being knife melee taps and a light tap on the shoulder. Would never do it myself though, playing catch the assault charge lottery isnt high on my list of priorities. I am also fully in the camp of player 2. Rules are rules accept responsibility when you decide to make up your own to be nice and it's not reciprocated.
  4. whynotw4lk

    Airsoft and Marfans Syndrome

    All advice above is spot on for airsoft so I won't add anything beyond that, naturally take the advice of medical professionals above all else. The presentation of Marfan syndrome varies a lot so I'd be looking to clarify the strength of his cardiovascular system especially if there were a history of shortness of air, heart palpitations and fatigue. Consider his current exercise tolerance etc. He can most likely manage all this himself when he plays as long as he doesn't get too excited and do too much. P.S I'm not qualified just a 3rd Year physio student with some ideas. As you have already, always seek the proper medical assistance.
  5. whynotw4lk

    Anodised Bright red Airsoft rifle RIF or IF?

    Cool I guess I just looking for that reassurance! I gave an instruction to put my number on the box and call, if any issues regarding import arise... now comes the squeaky bum time.
  6. Like the title says, I have my eye on the ASR119x demolition rifle by APS. It is anodised bright red (at least 51% IMO) and black. I do not have a weapon defence yet (I am 21 though) as I'm trying to get started playing. Will this gun in particular still qualify under law as an IF due to it's colour or an RIF regardless. Long story short. Can I buy and import it from taiwangun.com because it's red without customs pulling it up? Will getting them to put my mobile number on the package help resolve any potential issues if customs do pull it up? Many thanks Josh