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  1. where or what brand is best for ubacs top as I can't seem to find one that fits in arm length........
  2. chrisbb

    gearbox reshim price

    just keeps damaging the contact point of the tappet plate......3 new 1s in 2 months
  3. chrisbb

    gearbox reshim price

    how much roughly does it cost to have a ics split gearbox serviced and shimed
  4. Hello does any1 have a torch that attaches to a rail system for sale, hoping to go up to ucap on thursday night for the first Time.... I'm in petersfield
  5. chrisbb

    gun service/repair Hampshire

  6. chrisbb

    gun service/repair Hampshire

    Hello is there any airsoft shops in Hampshire the service/repair m4
  7. chrisbb

    ucap green ops suggested gear

    from a friend it's a limited edition i think they dibe 500
  8. chrisbb

    ucap green ops suggested gear

    I have a mesh lower but it's very uncomfortable.....and how many bbs do u think for a full day
  9. first timer next Sunday I have a cos m4 and eye protection....is there any thing els I should bring.....or would need
  10. chrisbb


    on showbox they have first 12 episodes......amazingly good series
  11. chrisbb

    Gun picture thread

    my ics digital camo m4......first ever airsoft game with it next Sunday at ucap green ops....
  12. wanted red dot preferably on a canterlever mount for first game next Sunday at ucap based in Hampshire
  13. chrisbb

    first timer hampshire

    thanks for all the advice ......im in Portsmouth so I'm thinking of trying some where this week
  14. Hello looking to get into air soft ... What kit would i need for first time and can any1 recommend a place in Hampshire Thank you