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  1. Screw Loose

    GBB pistol loading issue

    Hi everyone, got a KJW full metal GBB M9 which doesn't seem to be loading properly, it fires every other shot however if I manually cock the slide it fires every time, is it just as simple as needing to be lubed up? If so what's best to use as new to the whole airsoft thing and not entirely sure what I should be using? Thanks in advance, Liam
  2. Screw Loose


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: Had loads of issues with UPS forgetting to collect the item from the access point resulting in it being a day late, completely out of the sellers hands. AshOnSnow was very apologetic and went above and beyond to try and get the item to me as soon as possible and even refunded postage fees before UPS refunded him. Item arrived in perfect working order and seller followed up to make sure everything was spot on. Would absolutely not hesitate to buy from this seller again. Very highly recommended! Thanks again!
  3. Screw Loose

    CYMA CM 506 FPS issue

    Update - resolved it! After much faffing about with springs and seals and everything, gave up and put a new bucking on. Fixed straight away and now shoots somewhat consistently at 338fps! Thanks for all the help everyone!
  4. Screw Loose

    CYMA CM 506 FPS issue

    I've got no spring or anything like what you've shown me there - could that be the cause then? Where would I get a spare?
  5. Screw Loose

    CYMA CM 506 FPS issue

    By where the seal to the hop unit is is that literally the clear plastic piece from the gearbox to the barrel (via the hop)? If so I've out the two together and there's a rather large size difference, could this be the problem?
  6. Screw Loose

    CYMA CM 506 FPS issue

    Thanks for the quick reply! No I bought it second hand (probably even worse). I've ordered a generic spring to see if I can make it fit for the sake of a tenner, probably won't be long until I upgrade though, quite fancy the full metal versions however I might hold out for a bargain!
  7. Screw Loose

    CYMA CM 506 FPS issue

    Morning all! Picked up a Cyma cm 406 and took it to my first game last night, when cronographed it was only shooting at 240 FPS! Advertised power is nearer the 400 mark, I expected it to be a bit off from what they claim however site limit is 340 and ideally would like to get closer to that. Is it just a case of a new spring? Stripped the gun back last night and appears it may have been cut, or is there anything else I can check/do to increase the FPS to site limit? Thanks in advance