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  1. Doesn't really anger me, but frustrates the living hell out of me: Being offered a used pistol worth £220 maximum plus £120 cash for £460 worth of kit that cost £700 to put together Apparently, because the pistol cost £350, it's still worth £350 (quite wrongly) because it's mint, but my rifle and accessories that cost £700 is (quite rightly) only worth £460 maximum, even though it's all mint. Second hand stuff is worth 2/3 of it's original price, even in top condition. I get it, why don't they?
  2. Finally got my PPK. ACM, but with a Maruzen magazine.
  3. Western Arms Carbon Black SCW MEU (SOC) Early, with Pachmayr grips:
  4. Sell it for what it cost and order the right bit again
  5. What I hate is the way they use the words "your item has been lost" instead of the much more valid phrase "your item has been stolen by one of the knuckle dragging apes we employ". Royal Mail is a closed system. You post your item at either the post office counter or into a post box. From either, it is picked up by a Royal Mail employee in a van and driven to one Royal Mail shed. It is then sorted and transported by an another Royal Mail employee to another Royal Mail shed. It then get's sorted again and is taken by another Royal Mail employee to yet another Royal Mail shed, from where it is g
  6. Good luck with that. I had to take it to a Paypal dispute, which they ignored, so I didn't get my £9.16 back until the day after the claim expired. Basically, they had money that belonged to me for over a week!
  7. Well they made me wait the full length of the Paypal dispute to get my postage money back. An honest seller would refund it to you immediately, because they are legally responsible for the cost of having to return faulty or damaged goods.
  8. Got a bit of an issue with them at the moment. Bought another one of the SRC gun cases from them (the only things I will ever buy from them) and it turned up damaged. Got a return number and returned it to them for a replacement, which I received yesterday. Now under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979, they are responsible for paying my return postage costs on items which are faulty or damaged, and they do indeed state they will pay up to £10.50 per item, however they have still not refunded the £9.16 that I paid for a courier service to take the item back, even though I have sent them the invoice thr
  9. Cost me £20 off ebay, plus another £8 for an extra magazine loader from the USA
  10. Latest case for my TM Glock 17: Genuine Glock pistol case, with the annoying top foam with cut out slot for paperwork replaced with the foam from the bottom, and new thicker foam made to go in there. With the new foam in the bottom, the pistol and magazines don't move at all in transit. The real steel Glock magazine loaders are perfect for protecting the airsoft Glock magazine outlet valves
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