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    Selling my KWA KM26C with retention holster. Never used in a game but is old and has minor age related scuffs and marks. Comes with 1 mag with grip that works fine and 1 gmag that is missing outlet rubber (pictured) and another that i think is leaking gas. Gun is also missing front sight.


    Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire - GB

  2. Sorry, have been busy lately. it seemed fix it but ive no idea why as the rails dont connect to the lower receiver at all.
  3. Will do, its actually peeling paint so it should come off as easy as it went on. I can get a pic looking down the hop-up and the insides of the gun if it would help
  4. Hi, i was just about to sell my Aps ASR112r2 when i realised it only shoots about 1M in front of me. i tested the gun a few days ago and it was firing fine and reaching a normal range. i took the pin out of the receiver to take a look at everything inside. all seems normal and nothing i can spot thats out of the ordinary. I put it back together but leave the pin out and it fires fine. put the pin back in and it wont work again. Theres maybe 3mm that the upper receiver is out from the bottom when the pin is out but surely that wont cause such a loss of range? i am really at a loss as i need the money Asap. Any ideas as to whats happened to it? Thanks for the help PS-The guy i was selling it to doesn't have ukara so its just been painted 2tone
  5. No, its just for safety, you wouldn't wanna be sprayed by a G&P Rapid-fire at point-blank.
  6. Thanks alot dude, i fele like an idiot to be honest if it was only a fuse... thanks for the help tho, really appreciate it! i really hope i didnt f*ck it up by taking it apart. i now have to try to put it back together properly.
  7. Got it, cant find my phone to take a pic but theres obviously no connection. maybe a bad idea but removed the fuse and put the connectors together sand seems to work fine. any idea on how to find the type of fuse to put in?
  8. right, gonna send a pic of the fuse because im inept. gimme a minute
  9. So, bought an APS Asr112R2 from taiwan gun the other week. £183 brand new, full metal and EBB but nothing special really. got it home and was working fine. put it away while i get my batteries charged up and today when i plugged it in to test a 9.6V battery.... nothing. absolutely no response from the gun. was working perfectly and now, just nothing. I'd rather try to fix it myself as i cant see it being anything serious but what do you guys think? had anything like this happen before?
  10. Oh yeah, i can solder it together. the gun im using has zero space in the stock but ive got a standard crane stock off an old gun. Thanks for the info mate!
  11. Ok, so just ordered the ASR112R2 GUARDIAN, its full metal and has EBB. it has a normal V2 gearbox and nothng special internals wise, other than blowback. i want to know what kind of mosfets are available for this and what they actually do. as far as i know, they just improve trigger response but can you jsut drop them into any gun or is there something else to it? Thanks for the help,
  12. Rogerborg?!?!? Same as Bike chat forums? No f*cking way would i see you here!
  13. You know what, ive just seen a JG AUG that looks amazing, looks like an AUG based sniper but shoots full auto at 360fps, it is much more expensive though (JG0446A)
  14. I'm getting mine from patrol base as taiwangun only have the Stanag version, patrolbase make sure that its under 350fps as standard
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