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    Lite Rig, Cyma Cm.515 + ASG MK23 + Cyma Cm.355 Tactical + ASR112R2
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  1. adengtg

    CQB sites and automatic fire?

    No, its just for safety, you wouldn't wanna be sprayed by a G&P Rapid-fire at point-blank.
  2. adengtg

    Brand new gun broken?

    Thanks alot dude, i fele like an idiot to be honest if it was only a fuse... thanks for the help tho, really appreciate it! i really hope i didnt f*ck it up by taking it apart. i now have to try to put it back together properly.
  3. adengtg

    Brand new gun broken?

    Got it, cant find my phone to take a pic but theres obviously no connection. maybe a bad idea but removed the fuse and put the connectors together sand seems to work fine. any idea on how to find the type of fuse to put in?
  4. adengtg

    Brand new gun broken?

    right, gonna send a pic of the fuse because im inept. gimme a minute
  5. adengtg

    Brand new gun broken?

    So, bought an APS Asr112R2 from taiwan gun the other week. £183 brand new, full metal and EBB but nothing special really. got it home and was working fine. put it away while i get my batteries charged up and today when i plugged it in to test a 9.6V battery.... nothing. absolutely no response from the gun. was working perfectly and now, just nothing. I'd rather try to fix it myself as i cant see it being anything serious but what do you guys think? had anything like this happen before?
  6. adengtg

    How do Mosfets work and what are compatible?

    Oh yeah, i can solder it together. the gun im using has zero space in the stock but ive got a standard crane stock off an old gun. Thanks for the info mate!
  7. Ok, so just ordered the ASR112R2 GUARDIAN, its full metal and has EBB. it has a normal V2 gearbox and nothng special internals wise, other than blowback. i want to know what kind of mosfets are available for this and what they actually do. as far as i know, they just improve trigger response but can you jsut drop them into any gun or is there something else to it? Thanks for the help,
  8. adengtg

    TRMR tri-shot bases back in stock

    Rogerborg?!?!? Same as Bike chat forums? No f*cking way would i see you here!
  9. adengtg

    JG G36

    You know what, ive just seen a JG AUG that looks amazing, looks like an AUG based sniper but shoots full auto at 360fps, it is much more expensive though (JG0446A)
  10. adengtg

    JG G36

    I'm getting mine from patrol base as taiwangun only have the Stanag version, patrolbase make sure that its under 350fps as standard
  11. adengtg

    JG G36

    Good stuff, Definately getting one then. I'll be getting the more expensive model just because it has the extended RIS on the front and the lovely silencer, as i'm not too keen on the standard G36 but this one looks really good.
  12. adengtg

    JG G36

    I know the the Jg mac 10 takes TM parts so i would assume the g36 does too. not that i have any fking idea how to replace any of the internals!
  13. adengtg

    JG G36

    Hello, For xmas this year i was thinking of getting one of the Jing Gong G36 (JG 608-X) guns, most likely the JG 608-7 with the front Ris and silencer for around £140-£160. Just looking for any opinions on weather this is a good choice or not, ir any other recommendations for the same price. currently have a CYMA cm515 which barely works as i made the mistake of buying from bbguns4less but i will order my next gun from either taiwangun or patrolbase. I want the 608-7 as it has the ris, silencer, standard g36 mag and foldable stock. i was thinking of getting the stanag version but thought otherwise as ive seen a really nice electric drum mag for G36. Thanks for the help!
  14. adengtg

    Holster for Mac 10?

    yeah, i wanted to paint it like pulp fiction but that means making it 2.5X bigger
  15. adengtg

    Holster for Mac 10?

    problem is, the magazine is very long so its very tall at the bottom but very short and fairly thin at the top.