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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    ASG Scorpion Evo, SHS gears, spring guide, m95 milspec spring, 5mags, 11.1v battery, reflex sight (slight damage) elements right-hand side selector blank, elements mag release, foregrip and Evo bag. Swaps and PX welcome, show me what you have.


  2. Does anyone know if the TM M&P9 only uses the TM mags or are there other brand mags it can use?
  3. Cadoris

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  4. Good Evening fellow addicts. I am in need of your help. I'm currently researching (without any luck) the best/hardest kicking EBB on the market (not discontinued) Any help would be appreciated.
  5. My pig went missing, I mentioned the knives because not everyone has a spare dog....
  6. Sneaky kills are good, but that's what knives are for..... Everything else.... Dakka Dakka
  7. Is it any good? It needs to be loud.
  8. Fellow addicts I need advice. I am on the hunt for the loudest noise maker on the market. I currently have a DE Nuprol bocca sound amplifier, give a nice enough pop.... I have also acquired a Matt Black what I think is a king arms version, louder and more satisfying. I NEED MORE NOISE, nothing better than stealthing up to a group of folks then scaring the sh*t out of them with a loud ass gun. Here is where I need your help, without me going out and purchasing every sound hog / noise amplifier out there, have any of you found one that fits my criteria, please share. Thanks.
  9. Good evening Gents. Quick question for those in the know. This cannon 403FPS (Using 0.20g BB, Cyber Gun 12g Co2 Bulb Capsule, 9.3°c, Standard Shell) as stated on Patrol base site. Anyone know what weight BB's to use to get it below the 350fps for site use. I know I can get the power down cartridge but the fps drops to 180... (I can almost run faster than that). Would using .28 or even .3 be any use? Cheers.
  10. Cadoris

    Cyma cm.513

    Hmmm Still no luck, I have removed the suppressor, barrel and upper receiver, and that's where I'm stuck See pic It looks like the hand-guard has a thread and is in the black ring, if this is right, I have a feeling that the retailer screwed the handguard in before the paint was fully dry. I think I'll just need to mask up and spray as is. Thanks for your time.
  11. Cadoris

    Cyma cm.513

    Awesome, I'll try it out
  12. Good Morning Gents. I'm after a little help.... if possible. I bought THIS cheap little AEG a when I started out from a UK based retailer who kindly painted it bright orange for me, now I have my UKARA I wish to respray the stock and hand-guard back to their original glorious black. My problem is, I can seem to remove the hand-guard!!! I have removed a small allen screw but cannot see any other screws to remove. I have gotten the handguard to spin around the barrel (I wonder if this would give me an edge?) As the hand-guard is vented and there is no paint on the barrel behind it and there are clean lines, the retailer must have gotten this off... somehow. I have attempted to contact the retailer but I have not gotten any reply over the last week. (and to be honest the customer service is dreadful, I'll not be using them again.) Has anyone had any experience in the dissemble of this in the past, I don't want to run around all camo'd up with a day-glow orange shooter. I will insert pictures when I get chance
  13. Evening folks. I've been interest in the hobby/sport for a while now, and have never really had the opportunity to begin. But now I am (wooooo) and I'm looking for like minded people in the Manchester area for advice, tips and the best places to play and buy. Yes I know I can just turn up and talk to whomever is there, but I like to go prepared. Any of you guys and gals here around my local area interested in making a new friend.
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