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  1. Gigy Beast


    Went pheonix in mansfield on sunday and I enjoyed every minute, bloody brilliant site, dead friendly people so even if you go on your own you'll get in the folkes
  2. ICS L85, I can get the gear box out, change spring depending on FPS site limits in the blink of an eye and it outranged pretty much all M4's and stuff at the weekend, got mine on here for under 200 quid with the R.I.S rail on the front, bloody bargain!, I cannot speak high enough of the gun, it sits in you shoulder bang on and is easy to get on with, its just a bit heaby but....meh, eat some weatabix!
  3. Gigy Beast

    Nuprol Delta range, surprisingly good!

    I got a Nuprol delta sopmod and a jackel, one back up one main that I alternate, I shoot pretty much every wednesday at a cqb site and every other weekend outdoor, neither have let me down once, great range, great feel, together they came to about £450 quid, can't speak highly enough about them, the only thing I had was the sopmod's front RIS rail came a little loose after a few days so I tightened it up and that was it. if you are looking at spending about 200 quid for a full metal M$ with loads of RIS stuff already on it and a solid feeling gun where else do you go???
  4. Gigy Beast


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (yes/no): Yes Any other comments: Brilliant seller, had a minor issue with the gun but dealt with it like a true gent, proper guy and will defo deal with him again.
  5. Gigy Beast

    WE M16 for how much?????

    https://jdairsoft.net/assault/we-m16a3-gen-2-rifle Anyone got any thoughts on this offer here, is it worth it for £130, FPS seems a little low but thats nothing Never even held a WE M4/M16 so if anyone can give me some thoughts before I hit the button...just to put my mind at ease, that would be great. Many thanks