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  1. Wonder if there's anything worthwhile in somebody setting up a smart water system for RIFs, much like the schemes that exist for motorcycles. With RIFs you'd only need to mark a few parts (body, gearbox) versus motorcycles which have thousands of components that can be taken off and sold separately. Of course, it'd only be effective if shops and individual buyers actually had the facilities to check for smart water markings, and for sales in person rather than by mail.
  2. Ages ago when I first started airsofting I set myself the goal of owning every AK variant (AK, RPK, Dragunov, Galil etc). Nowadays, I'm aware that this would just produce a collection with massive amounts of redundancy since half the guns would fit the same purpose.... and I still want to do it. Besides, the easiest way to indoctrinate new people into airsofting is to bait them in with a free gun to borrow for the skirmish.
  3. I was offered contact lenses recently on a free trial from specsavers, not sure if I'd like them for airsofting though as I have the slight paranoia one will drop out while i'm running. Alternatively, http://www.safetyspecs.co.uk/ seems to stock just about every type of safety goggles out there. I work in a construction environment a lot so trying to convince my work to buy me a pair
  4. Anything small enough goes in the topbox for me. The RPK though is a million miles long so it has it's own rifle bag that I strap to my back. Despite riding though London repeatedly I haven't been shot dead by SO19 yet.
  5. As a former ZI forum user, i'd say it's likely gone for good. For the last six months it's been indentified by google as a site compromised by malware with a full-screen alert coming up every time you visited, culminating last month when major ISPs started flat out blocking access to it. Even if they get it up again most of their userbase has got fed up and migrated elsewhere (hi!) Shame, they had an excellent classifieds section and there were some good tutorials on there.
  6. I wear a flecktarn cap sometimes, but generally I'll wear nothing as I can't deal with the inevitable sweatiness.
  7. Seems for the future i'll be ensuring any photos of me with my airsoft guns will have a post-it note on them with 'airsoft' clearly written on it then.
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