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  1. Thank u all for the help apart from the one guy we can all guess who lol will check gun over and service it and will get back to u all
  2. This is helpful ..................not
  3. Hi all need some help I have a nuprol delta monad and was wondering wat to do to get abit more range and accuracy out of it plus maybe a bit more fps it shoots 285 fps at them moment wanted to try get it as close as can to 350 what would everyone segest I upgrade first thanks in advance
  4. Nuprol Recon alpha there the only 2 that really stand out just wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas on way I should have look at
  5. Hi all I'm buying my first rif this weekend and can not make my mind up on wat to get I have a £260 bugetfor the gun alone was think of the nuprol freedom fight but am abit overwelmd with choice any help would be great must be under 350fps for site thanks for any help given
  6. And sorry about grammar had abit to drink I mean it is Xmas week off lol I think I'll just hire and get my membership out of the way thanks for the help
  7. Ok so really the answer is no ok just wanted to no where I stod on the matter ok so if I buy a IF and take that can I use that to get my membership instead of hirering ? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all I just wanted to no is it legal to buy a second hand rif with out 1 having a ukara and 2 just starting airsoft I mean I think it' is alot of money for 3 game to then just buy my own gun I mean it' is 190 for 3 games 1 befor I'm a member wicth of coures I want to be and 2 my ukara and if this is ok am I ok to take my own gun to become a member after 3 games as this will save a lot of money thanks in advance
  9. Hi all does anyone no if southdown airsoft is still up and running and if so is there any one who had been and wat its like thanks in advance
  10. Hi marc I'm 26 still looking for a site I've contacted Sussex airsoft yesterday to see if I can book a game and go from there really any help give thank u in advance
  11. Many thanks will do this now
  12. Hi I'm really interested in starting airsoft but really don't no where to start if anyone could help I would be very greatfull I'm based Brighton way thanks in advance
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