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  1. --- If you got a spare minuet or are bored a little then I would love you too have a quick look at this and let me know what you thought! --- Hellooo! So ive been doing airsoft for about 2 years now and only just started filming scopecam videos, However im finding it a little tricky to promote/gain views on them after spending hours editing. Personally I believe im not that typical airsoft youtuber wannabe but I think my videos are quite unique and different. If you do end up watching this and enjoy it i would really appreciate it if you could let me know and share it with other people!
  2. Jaco

    JG BAR 10 Inconsistency HELP

    I am actually able to test it 300feet+ before hand as i have the room, i just don't know what internal part is causing my inconsistency
  3. I played my first game with my newly upgraded BAR-10 Yesterday and unfortunately it didn't perform how i expected. The problem I had is that it was very inconsistent. each shot was different, it could go to high, way too low, or curve far of to the left or right. there was no predicting where it would shoot and due to this i lost the chance of getting a few good kills. The upgrades that are in my Bar 10 are: 6.02 inner barrel, Mad Bull Hop up bucking, airsoft pro metal hop up arm and an AEG spring giving out 440fps (Dont ask why its an aeg spring) All whilst using 0.32g bb's. Personly i believe it the MAD BULL hop up as the contact area with the bb is very small so if the bb were to move just a little bit it would change the way the bb fly's, BUT i dont know much about internals so this might have nothing to do with it. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT THE ISSUE COULD BE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, AND IF IT IS THE HOP UP RUBBER COULD SOMEONE SUGGEST A GOOD RUBBER. THANKS