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  1. I bought the LCT AK12/15 at the bottom of the picture from Gunfire recently and obviously havent been able to skirmish but seems like a nice aeg. Is shooting hot but will be an easy fix. I didnt get the EBB version for price and longevity reasons. Can anyone recommend a good scope setup for the AK? I generally don't really care about quality for scopes as the range you are fighting at are frankly pathetic in airsoft - its all about the looks. If you google AK12 there are some nice looking RS stuff but I have no idea what the scopes are called or where I can buy a
  2. Someone mentioned that Bolt EBBs gen 2 are much better but I can confirm that gen 1 are shite and has seriously put me off buying Bolt ever again
  3. Here is my old ICS M4 which I recently tried to upgrade, broke in the process, but now luckily have fixed. Underneath is my new LCT AK-15 (or AK-12, for airsoft purposes they are exactly the same gun). I went for the non-EBB version as it is cheaper and in my experience EBB is just more trouble and issues than it is worth (BOLT SR-47 grrr) Both guns are currently shooting a little hot, I will cut off a few coils from the M4 as I need to reduce down by about 10-15fps and the AK is currently at 400FPS so I will put the old spring in from the M4 and see how that goes.
  4. @Sitting Duck Hello mate, it took a while for the parts to come but I think the delivery services are struggling a bit at the moment in general, then I didnt have time because of work but... good news! It turns out it was the "trolley" bit (the bit that moves forward to make the connection?). Basically when I compared to the brand new one it was obvious how worn the old one was and I think during my initial modifications it did get damaged too, but not massively so it was quite subtle. I never would have guessed that such a small part would stop the whole gun from working!
  5. Thanks @Sitting Duck yes when you describe “trolley” that sounds like it might be the bit that looks worn/damaged. Part of my issue is I did not have a pristine one to compare to but when the new one arrives it should be easy to spot any discrepancies I think. I was hoping my package would arrive today but it hasnt so that was a bit annoying! If I can get the ICS working again then this will have been a worthwhile learning experience but waiting around for partsto arrive is irritating, no tracking number either 😐
  6. I cant speak for military but I have seen airsofters wearing police gear and as an officer myself I found it slightly amusing, their impression was ARV and from a distance it did look spot on. There are plenty of ex military in the police and from the ones who I know I highly doubt any would care about airsofters dressing up as military (its basically a compliment) however one thing that will piss off any soldier (or cop) is people acting like theyv been in the job when they havent. If those ARV guys had been going around talking crap about being in the police I would have given th
  7. Just a quick update: I replaced the fuse and had a look at the wiring and I think the fuse blowing issue is now resolved. A new issue I am having is that firing in semi is very touchy. It appears that my trigger switch mechanism has been damaged at some point and that might be the cause of the problems all along. Basically firing in semi the cut off lever does not seem to engage consistently leading to the gears continuing to spin or spiining in an inconsistent way. I have ordered a new ICS trigger switch and selector plate but unfortunately delivery is taki
  8. @Sitting Duck thanks for your very detailed reply, im going to take a much closer look at the gears now and eliminate that as being the cause, i went out and bought some 20a and 25a fuses to replace the blown one. I did notice the new gears felt stiffer to rotate by hand than the ICS originals so I will remove some shims and see how that goes. I didnt even know that you could adjust the motor height so I will give that a go too. Thanks again for your advice I will let you know how I get on...
  9. Hi guys, I have an ICS M4 which I bought about 4 or 5 years ago now and it has worked flawlessly since then. However in standard fashion I have decided to take something that wasnt broken and have tried to make it better and now I need help. So the gun is a standard AEG, no MOSFET or Lipos, it has Tamiya connections (which was next on my list to change to deans). Firstly I added a M110 Guarder spring which ended up being too powerful so I trimmed a few coils and it is now spot on, I tested with 60+ chrono'd shots plus full auto so I am certain there are no p
  10. Ah sorry to hear that mate, good luck with all that stuff going on. When things are reopened again definitely give Imperium a go if you get a chance, theyve got 2 armoured vehicles now as well which makes things quite interesting
  11. I see you are in Kent, try Imperium down by Faversham the marshalling is consistently excellent
  12. I have bought: LCT AK-12 A Guarder M110 spring Lonex 16:1 gear set SHS motor Deans connectors I have an ICS M4 which Ive had for a few years now and is a damn good gun. I added a better barrel a while back, think it was a Madbull, which increased accuracy and I also upgraded the hop rubber but now Im going to give it the full works including a mosfet at some point. The LCT I will probably keep stock for a while until Ive used it a bit. Back to the ICS and for the price I cant recommend it enough, its just a well made, reasonably priced, r
  13. After two yers I recently dusted off the airsoft gear to go skirmishing. My M4 worked flawlessly but my Bolt BR47 didnt. I know the Bolt guns have a bad reputation and I have also now fallen victim it seems. The issue I am having is the magazine catch, it is not holding the magazine securely in place which is stopping the BBs from feeding. Otherwise the gun is functioning fine. I believe the issue relates to the spring no longer holding enough tension, does anyone have experience of this and can anyone help me source a replacement? If anyone doesnt know the BR47 catch is basically a s
  14. Patrol Base sent me a nuprol charger instead of the one I actually ordered and it was a broken piece of crap from the start. PB also then ignored my email asking wtf was going on. Long story short Nuprol chargers are crap get a genuine imax b6 and save yourself all kinds of grief.
  15. Nice guide, Ive bought some stuff from Grey Shop and delivery time was quite long with the cheaper postage option. When the kit arrived it was good quality though
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