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  1. Patrol Base sent me a nuprol charger instead of the one I actually ordered and it was a broken piece of crap from the start. PB also then ignored my email asking wtf was going on. Long story short Nuprol chargers are crap get a genuine imax b6 and save yourself all kinds of grief.
  2. Nice guide, Ive bought some stuff from Grey Shop and delivery time was quite long with the cheaper postage option. When the kit arrived it was good quality though
  3. @L3wisD Hello mate I picked them up from CAMOraids dot com. I had never heard of the site before but delivery was prompt and hassle free. Came to £55 quid for the two pairs including postage etc so not exactly cheap but hopefully the gloves will be worth it
  4. I love ( /sarcasm) how the BBC describe it as a "ball bearing gun" rather than just a "BB gun", makes it sound much more sinister for the ignorant of society.
  5. 2 sets of Exo Ironclad gloves And a deactivated real P38 because why the hell not (Not much good for airsoft though) Also bought a Viking backpack for airsoft and general use. Seems good so far for a decent price.
  6. Personally my Mechanix (Mpact and regular) fit very nicely. On the basis of this thread I bought two sets of the Exo Ironclad gloves and both fit well apart from being slightly too long in the fingers, but as @CKinnerley says that is down to individual variation. Personally I would recommend either brand based on my experiences so far. On a side note Ive just realised I have about £150 worth of just fecking gloves!
  7. I sewed a small square mesh into a thin neck tube that I pull up over my face in a fight but can pull down easy enough if needed. Only problem is that in summer that would be way too hot for me so will prob go back to half face mask. I tried a gum shield once and found it uncomfortable and not particularly reassuring.
  8. I would keep it, I think it would have quite a lot of historic value in the future
  9. Looks nice, is it possible to pick these up from any supplier or did you just get lucky on ebay or something? I like to pick up random sets of uniform here and there...
  10. You talk about offence a lot but its not offence. You seem to class yourself as a "straight talker" but somewhere along the way you forgot that others will straight talk right back at you, which is exactly what I am doing. I dont know if you are just one of those people who has social issues but it strikes me that you probably just have an obnoxious online persona. So carry on acting the dick and dont be shocked when people treat you like one.
  11. I love how you think that because I disagree with you I must be the same person as someone else who disagreed with you. Nice logic. The reason why I keep calling you out is because you seem to have a weird need to try and belittle people who enjoy something slightly different to you. And if you think to yourself (which I assume you must do as you obviously have no internal ability to filter yourself) "Hey I think its ok to belittle this person for no real reason on the internet because, hey, there is little chance of any real blow-back from this" then I don't see why I shouldn't continually point out what an arse you are being. So in answer to your question, no, you didn't offend me, but your arrogant sh*t-posting has encouraged me to respond in kind
  12. Can you imagine what the day was like when ImTriggerHappy realised that people out there in the world like different things to him. The internet must be a painful place for him to visit. His dad wore a red tshirt once and Trig hasnt spoken to him since.
  13. Some great responses already but one thing to remember is its just a game. He can walk away at any time if it gets too much or he stops enjoying himself. As someone else said it can be as active as you want, if he wanted he probably wouldnt even need to break into a jog if he didnt feel like it.
  14. The attitude in this country, particularly from sub-30 year olds, is quite depressing. In the UK, even post Brexit, you will have a better standard of living, education, wealth, opportunity etc than about 90% of people on the planet, and thats just your average Brit. Brexit is an incredible opportunity for the entire country and personally I cant wait to seize the countless opportunities that will become available. Staying in the EU would have been a monumental act of cowardice that luckily just enough people realised to save the rest of the country. The EU is just about ready to implode and my only regret is that we cant move another 30 miles farther out to sea.
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