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  1. Hello folks! I have an MP5a3 with a 3 claw muzzle attachment but I am really struggling to find a supplier within the UK that does a quick release silencer to fit the 3 claw fitting.... Has anyone had any joy out there? Dave
  2. Rock up on your own and you'll soon have some muckers to roll with. Even mid game I've tagged into others groups etc and had a blast. We're all there for the same reason, to play soldiers with toy guns. Everything else is just Gucci. BCC
  3. .....nah looks like some extra weight to lug around at best! Plus on my MP5 it'd double the weight and width! BCC
  4. Just join the master race and get an MP5 for CQB BCC
  5. As camouflage makes little to no real difference at the ranges we play at I run British Desert DPM! Why? Because its nice to stand out and heck if folks are running around in jeans and a t-shirt pretty sure DDPM is all good! BCC
  6. As others have said, the ESS ICE glasses are good options. I have them and cant really complain but they are still quite "open" if you see what I mean. I have the ESS Advancer V12 goggles and they are lovely, rarely if ever fog up and are the nuts! BCC
  7. To echo others, its probably just a case that you need something new in your hobby to challenge you that's all. Mix up your sites, try a new loadout or try and find what originally kindled your interest and link back to that somehow. There's nothing wrong with giving your hobby a break, I have worked in stores where my hobby was my job and ironically had to take a break from it! BCC
  8. For my mp5 at woodland sites around 2500-3000 per day. I'll happily reload between game though but say 1200-1500 for 3 hours. 700 rounds in mags then have a bag that I made from an old sock, zip tie and bottle neck to carry rest for day. Again, obviously it depends on your play style. BCC
  9. Combat South in Hampshire is worth a look too. Woodland with a great mini village with bunkers, outposts, crossing etc and houses for CQB. Very well run, good crack and foods ok too! BCC
  10. You know how rare British Desert DPM is getting right? Please don't dye it! BCC
  11. Fellow sons of the sand! Just wondering just how many of us are collectors/wearers of the now venerable British Desert DPM? As it is no longer (and hasn't been for around 6 years now?!) standard issue it is becoming quite the collectors choice I am finding. Sourcing even basics can get tricky, such as trousers in particular. Anyway, I just thought that we should maybe band together and share our sandy love with inspirational loadouts and oddities that exist, such as the lesser spotted Shotgun dump pouch etc! See you on the field (cant miss me I wear DDPM!)! BCC
  12. I've been looking at either a MK6 (for authenticity with rest of kit, but they are a weight on your noodle!) or a Fast/Emerson version. I normally wear a baseball cap or boonie hat, but I play woodland/village so not too much of the head bump mischief. Saying that more CQB action has really interested me so I think next months purchase maybe a helmet of some form. It would have to have a scrolling adjuster on the back though. Cant abide just the foam padding to keep it in place. BCC
  13. I have purchased the majority of my kit through these guys and they are really worth the trip. If you prefer quirky odds and ends definitely! I run just Desert DPM and they have sourced numerous pieces for me including a few pouches that were rare issue etc. Worth a look if you are down south way, their website isn't updated as much as the bricks and mortar store. Good prices and the guys all know their stuff too. BCC
  14. Good solid boots and couple of pairs of socks definitely! Invest in an underlayer that will wick away the sweat and not let it cool on you as this will only make you feel worse. If you're going to be wearing combats and camo then most surplus stores will find you a good jacket/trousers and I would recommend running them through the washing machine with something like Techwash etc. Nothing worse than buying a Goretex jacket and finding out its proofing has faded! If you're running a PMC loadout then any jacket will do! Obviosuly one thing to bear in mind maybe how hot you will still get! Even in rain etc I tend to still wear no waterproofs as I'll dry out from moving around. And I hate sweating under a coat. BCC
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