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  1. Fat-jd


    size is the main prob ive got a 66cm melon lol
  2. Fat-jd


    i have managed to bump my head quite a few times and im not a great fan of getting shot in it either so yeah would like 1
  3. Fat-jd


    right then always have a problem with helmets cycling, motor bikes, and work can never get a helmet to fit right due to my massive head ☹ I either look like mr potato head or i look like dark helmet off space balls so my question is has any one modified a climbing helmet or somthing similar for airsoft any help would be great
  4. Fat-jd

    to rebuild or buy new that is the question

    not performance so much its more a case of longevity ive already picked up a mosfet and ive still got my g&p 170 motor which i dont no if im going to change or keep didnt have chance to order today so may do a bit more reading
  5. Fat-jd

    to rebuild or buy new that is the question

    well thanks for the info and if you guys are happy with that box who am i say diffrent and will be ordering this afternoon and reporting back shortly
  6. Fat-jd

    to rebuild or buy new that is the question

    yeah funny you should say that as after doing more reading on the ec gearbox it dosent seem to bad but with out being disrespectful it is a low end iteam but in all fairness this is reflected in the price and it would get the gun up and running again
  7. Fat-jd

    acm m500


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    m500 gas shotgun fires 3 shots at once now and again, dose fire dose leak gas good for a project or parts or hanging on the wall barrel cut down by previous owner more pics on request sale or swaps


  8. Fat-jd

    to rebuild or buy new that is the question

    sitting duck cheers for putting me straight on tomtec it was pretty much what i thought as no 1 seems to be running them. but i really think the ec is a budget iteam looking at spending about 100 on the box then another 50 on a motor as i all went bang in a big way lol gun in question is a g&p m16vn with m203
  9. i use the black hawk cross draw tac vest and at 1 point was nearly 19 stone in weight and it fitted but dose lack molle capability but it dose work well with a m16 m203 set up
  10. Right then ive been mulling this over for a number of months and the question is as the title do i rebuild my v2 gearbox or buy a complete unit. Ive rebuilt a few gearboxes with a mixture of success. The complete unit im looking at buying is a tomtac unit (mainly due to price) looked all over the internet and can only find 1 product review which to me says there either mega poo or people cba to review products. if i do rebuild il be mainly using ultimate products as they've worked well in my 249 and seem reasonably priced but any suggestions would be most appreciated
  11. Fat-jd

    fan assisted goggles

    ive seen fma fan goggles on ebay cheap anyone used them and managed to keep there eye sight
  12. Fat-jd

    high end aegs

    a mate of mine has got a krytac and hes spent bucket loads on it surely there must be an aeg out there thats an absolute beast. i have done quite a bit of reading on vfc and at the moment they are a strong contender failing that il get somthing pre up graded from a reputable shop seems the only way to go
  13. Fat-jd

    high end aegs

    the g&p was bought as a wall hanger years ago and the classic army 249 had apparently 1 careful owner lol but was an absolute dog internally
  14. Fat-jd

    high end aegs

    I own quite a few diffrent makes of gun g&p, classic army, we, jg, king arms, to name just a few and all have needed money spent on them to make the really good. I dont really enjoy working on guns dont mind doing maintenance but thats where it ends for me so im after a gun thats really good out of the box dont mind the price just after somthing that i dont need to up grade any in put on this would be great and would have to be a m16/m4 platform
  15. Fat-jd

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    acm shotgun absolute poo stick i hate the bloody ive wasted more money trying to stop it from leaking than ive wasted on anything else and ask my wife im good at wasting money cant evan sell the bloody thing as i wouldnt wish this POS on anyone