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  1. Fat-jd

    Ares efcs mosfet v2 gearbox...compatability

    from what ive read some where on the internet the ares gearbox will only fit there guns from what i can understand anyway
  2. Fat-jd

    v2 gearbox

    still looking for a drop in v2 up rated gear box for my g&p anyone got any recommendations. seen 1 done by a company called modify but cant find any reviews anyone running 1 or any other make of drop in box
  3. Fat-jd

    co2 sniper rifle

    looking for a co2 sniper rifle but don't know a great deal about them could anyone suggest a good rifle with tidy fps out of the box thanks
  4. Fat-jd

    m249 rebuild

    any help on rebuilding this piece of fucking shit would be great
  5. Fat-jd

    m249 rebuild

    after some info looking at rebuilding my CA m249 mk2 after a tidy rate of fire and any info on what to buy also dose anyone know if the standard motor is hi torq unit or just a standard motor also looking at ways of making it louder any help would be great
  6. Fat-jd

    CA m249

    Dose anyone know if the classic army m249 runs v2 gearbox part such as piston body gears and bearings any help would be great as I'm not having alot of luck on the web cheers
  7. Fat-jd

    gearbox problems

    this is how is set the aoe see pic checked gears for movement and shimed accordingly as for motor height i checked that the bottom of the motor gear was on the outer edge of the pinion gear
  8. Fat-jd

    gearbox problems

    do you think of be better going for a different ratio gear set or keep it standard what gear set would you recommend was thinking of getting a new motor but not to sure what to go for
  9. Fat-jd

    gearbox problems

    it's a g&p unit with a a systema piston chamber elements piston head and a sp100 spring . the g&p piston body has the aoe mod already done as standard and I didn't change the shiming but it's always been a bit whiney
  10. Fat-jd

    gearbox problems

    only a 7.4 lipo do you think it could be down to shim issues ?
  11. Fat-jd

    gearbox problems

    having a nightmare of a time with my v2 gearbox hope someone can help out 2 weeks ago had a loud cracking sound come from my m16 and stopped working done a load of research then opened the gearbox found out that the piston head had came off causing damage rebuilt the gearbox with a new g&p piston body, systema piston chamber, new spring, cleaned and regressed gearbox fired about 500 bbs then crack and stops working again, opened up the gb again and the spur gear shaft as snapped anyone got any idea why this would happen and what would be the best set to fit Cheers
  12. my m16 gearbox is toast and im looking at buying a complete new iteam what would be the best 1 to buy for under £100 Cheers one very unhappy fat man
  13. Fat-jd

    Gas or Battery ?

    gas is pants guns shells you name it, it all leaks waste of time and money utter pants
  14. Fat-jd

    how do you carry yours......

    after reading the replies doing loads of internet searching and trying every combo I can think of I've come to the conclusion that a shotgun is as much use as t*ts on a fish
  15. I've had a shotgun kicking about for a while used it as a primary once or twice an although it was a blast I didn't find it very effective so I've pondered the idea of using it as a secondary but just can't get comfy with the dam thing so the question is how do you carry yours cheers