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    hk416 We modified katana
    mp7 TM full upgrade
    Vss LCT custom Law airsoft
    g17 WE
    mp9c WE
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    telemark battalion inspired set
    Russian Sumrak set
    US marpat set
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  1. Camaras

    player from France

    ho ok ! perfect then ! Thank you for your help !
  2. Camaras

    player from France

    I planned to ship my replicas from France by mail but I found out that here you need an approval from the UKARA to make replicas travel through UK. I play since more than 5 years now and get member from two different association in France. So I'm a bit confused to have to play 3 games and every thing to confirm my practice and be able to get my equipment travel safely to me ... Do you know if there is something else I can do to get an approval and continue to play safely ?
  3. Camaras

    player from France

    I found some broken link yes sadly :/
  4. Camaras

    player from France

    Thanks ! I found airsoft map who seems to have some skirmish site on it I'll go there when my stuff will be there ! I also found legion airsoft who seems to correspond for the milsim game that I want
  5. Camaras

    Put yourself on THE MAP

    I've added myself
  6. Camaras

    player from France

    Thanks !
  7. Camaras

    player from France

    Hi ! My name is Stélian call-sign Camaras and I'm in England for at least 6 months there for I'm not going to stop playing for so long I came here with only minimum equipment (contractor/rebel set) and no replica (to be sure to not afraid the border police ^^). I'm looking for role play oriented gameplay with a milsim part. So if you are playing this type of game around Bedford let me know Looking forward to see you on the field !