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  1. KM-11

    New West Mids player

    Hi Deanj86, I'm currently looking at either the Asylum in Kidderminster or WM Airsoft in Rowley Regis. Both seem pretty good. Maybe someone who has played both sites might chime in with some info. KM-11
  2. KM-11

    The Beginners Guide to Airsoft

    This is the most useful guide I have found online. It has made a great Sunday morning read with my coffee. Thanks for this. I think i will spend more time choosing kit and make the right choice first time.
  3. Hello, Brand new to the sport and yet to play my first game but i'm pretty certain i'm going to enjoy it! I'm slowly reading through all the sticky posts and searching the forum which i have to say is fantastic. So far i have found pretty much eveything i wanted to know. Looking forward to chatting will you all and I apologise in advance for daft questions. Mark KM-11