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  1. It depends on what area you're playing in and what's comfortable on your feet. Personally I'd go with something that'll support your ankles where it comes to uneven and rough terrain i.e. woodland, whereas, I'd run something lower profiled for CQB/indoors, where you're far less likely to trip over or fall due to uneven surfaces. That said, I'll refer you back to my initial comment.
  2. They're like rocking horse poo. I went down the route of the 1928 wood kit and then swapped out the fore-end for a RS wooden one from Germany, iirc Not too sure how easy it is to pick up the 1928 wood kit nowadays...
  3. My two most recent acquisitions: - Dave's Custom Alpha AK105 - LCT PP19-01
  4. @MSSW Rune out of interest, what sidearm(s) do you run with your Русский loadouts?
  5. Precisely - each to their own Not an AK "purist", so a modern spin on an AK suits me to a tee - more practicality and customisation.
  6. Could try out a Gorka - they come in different camo flavours. Picked up a gorka in partizan recently - comfortable and it stands out amidst the sea of MC/MTP. Direct link - https://grey-shop.ru/Gorka-E-SSO?search=Gorka Hope it helps!
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